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Zombies Inc. Idle Tycoon Games

Mindstorm Studios
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Raise zombies, sell brains and become a ZOMBIE TYCOON!

Get prepared for the post-apocalypse world by augmenting brains! Step into the world of zombies controlled by the Mad Scientist. Help him take over the post-apocalypse world by extracting the best brains and doubling the zombies. Research new brains, upgrade the existing ones to a new level, keep the production going and create havoc. Rule your clicker farm like never before! SO KEEP TAPPING AND BUILD YOUR OWN TYCOON EMPIRE!

Becoming a tycoon is everybody’s dream! Zombies Inc. lets you fulfill this dream by letting you become a tycoon!! All you have to do is TAP TAP TAP and enjoy this Idle Clicker! Setup your farm, perform researches and upgrade to become the best Tycoon in the world!

Zombies might not have brains of their own, but your mad scientist has placed some augmented brains into the zombies. So you must keep the zombies happy so they move faster and make brains that the world desires. Tapping is the only key to survival in this competitive post apocalypse world.

Capitalism is the base of this game and the goal is to upgrade your lair to make idle profits in this incremental clicker game. It’s a capitalist game, so stay focused. Purchase zombie managers to keep the production going on your farm! Become #1 in this tycoon game! Download Zombies Inc. and don’t miss your chance to become the best zombie tapping tycoon in this idle clicker!


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