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ZOMBIELAND Double Tapper! – NEW Zombie Clicker Game!

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  1. Don't you see? Your GT vids gets more views…

  2. More Zooba Chris Please I already reached 1500 trophies

  3. Big fan of ur channel love all of ur vids keep all the videos daily

  4. I think the competition is being shady in the mobile area. It has to be, for nothing good to come to such an open and diverse platform like mobile gaming where literally everyone has a mobile device these days. Something isn't right, mobile games should be quickly evolving but instead nothing changes…. except more monitization.

  5. Big fan of Zombieland! Definitely worth checking out. Not a big fan of tappers so I probably won't check this game out. I watch your vids everyday and it has nothing to do with what games you are playing. I'm a Pcats fan😉.

  6. Np pcats, even i dont like watching gt vids all the time

  7. I have colombus and wichita my name is Wichuta in the game xD im boy

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