Your First HTML/JavaScript Clicker Game | #1 -

Your First HTML/JavaScript Clicker Game | #1

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Hey guys, the download for visual studio code (What is use) is here:

i highly recommend downloading it, not just for JavaScript but for all coding languages.


  1. Why does my clicker count say "[object HTMLParagraphElement]"?

  2. question: does the button still work if i'm using an <img> tag, or just an image instead of a button? if i go, "img src="img.png" onClick="add()"> would that still tie into the onClick function?

  3. thank you for this. i took a business course for one of my classes this semester and didn't realise it was coding, not business. i was very lost for the last couple classes and my draft is due tomorrow, i'm very grateful for your help because you actually showed me how to do it instead of just throwing me into the deep end! thank you!

  4. hey ive got an error showing up each time i try to use the add 1 button it says: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set properties of null (setting 'innerHTML') at add (main.js:5:53) at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (index.html:9:29)Can somebody please help me?

  5. Bro i littirally understand nothing BECAUSE i even dont know like %1 of java
    you should go to more basics like what is <> and why we need to put </> every time after we put <>?
    an average java coder will understand but basics will not. In my opinion download this video AFTER you teach basics.
    And do you use virtualmachine or vmware?

  6. Bro bit annoyed you didn't slow down at bits. Your "go live" to show the html open up isn't there at all for me. How do I test it to see if it works?

  7. Where is part 2? (your tutorial is perfect for someone like me btw)

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