You DONT Need GAMEPASSES In This *NEW* Game (BubbleGum Clicker) -

You DONT Need GAMEPASSES In This *NEW* Game (BubbleGum Clicker)

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  1. Nah I'ma stick to dungeon quest

  2. I don't need gp? I open 20k eggs and got 0 godlies

  3. Tbh not that much eggs but yeah it's still pretty fun to play

  4. I hatched a legendary in first egg lol

  5. True i got The frosted fate and a shiny snowflake like 10h ago

  6. Cappest thing I’ve heard in my life😂😂😂

  7. Bruh i hatched 20.4k eggs and no secrets or godly ;//

  8. I’m f2p I love having over 50k eggs hatched and no godlys no gp required lol

  9. Ofc you dont need gamepasses you just need dream's rng

  10. hey dude if you see this comment im just asking how long did you hatch for

  11. I opened 6k eggs and I hatched only 1 godly pet

  12. I opened 40k eggs for the bubble secret, I’m f2p

  13. I strongly disagree, I’ve opened 30k eggs and no secrets, no godlys only very very legendaries

  14. That’s the biggest cap @Tehh_Snipe lmfaoooo 😭

  15. 500k eggs no secrets and 3 godlys

    update: 1.7m eggs and no secret yet

  16. I just hatched a secret as f2p before my p2w friend

  17. You are right, i afk like 20 minute and got the secret pet.

  18. I have only hatched one godly in s2 egg with 135k eggs no secrets and I have game passes 💀

  19. 2k eggs to get a secret pet.


  20. I hatched my first godly yesterday with no game passes 🎉

  21. I got 2 godlike with 150 eggs hatched😁😁😂😂😂

  22. This is very true i hatched 10k eggs and i got a secret no godlys tho

  23. Well I guess ur just lucky cause I hatched over 100k eggs and got no secrets

  24. Idc if nobody plays this game it’s still incredibly fun

  25. I played this game and saw that 3x hatch wasn't free.
    L game, pets look unoriginal and goofy.

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