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xStreamer: Livestream Simulator Clicker Game – Android Gameplay FHD

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xStreamer Livestream Simulator Clicker Game by Tapps Games
Don’t just watch livestream channels: create your own!
Join the streaming game, create funny and exciting videos and gather a massive fandom of loyal followers!
Then make even doper game streams, rack up more views and start scoring some serious money!
Who said you couldn’t become a tycoon playing games all day?
🎮STREAM awesome live gameplay in your own channel and gather a massive online fandom! Make your subscribers twitch with adrenaline as they watch your gaming prowess in action!
🎮GET more and more views and pay close attention to your followers’ chats to give them exactly what they want and start making BIG money!
🎮UPGRADE your setup to make better streams and send your subs number through the roof!
🎮CHOOSE among four game genres to stream: MOBA, FPS, RPG and Survival! Measure each one’s approval rate among your subscribers to maximize your impact and views!
🎮COMPLETE every Stream Goal and become the most famous livestreamer on Stream.tv!
Put all your years of gaming to good use and show the world how good you are in many kinds of games (clickers included)!
Once you start your streaming channel, there’s no going back: your fans will always be twitching for your next broadcast, and they won’t settle for ResidentSleeper worthy videos!
Use all the money you earn to set yourself up with some SwiftChamp-level gear, listen to your subscribers and you’ll quickly rise through the livestreamer ranks and OWN Stream.tv like a true gaming tycoon!
Draw your controllers and start streaming now!
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  1. I'm marwaaaa_ in the game add me

  2. I have 45.90k subscribers in tht game and even I'm rich

  3. Pls believe me…

  4. I have got a sponsor but i cannot accept ❓

  5. I have around 234 Quintillion Subscribers

    Maxed Out PC Upgrades

    All room upgrades

    Magic Tap Lv. 99

    5.44T dollars

    Lvl 629 Tap Mastery

    And I haven't spent a penny on the game.

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