World's Most expensive App! -

World’s Most expensive App!

Mrwhosetheboss Shorts
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  1. Ok, this is gotta the most dumbest thing I've ever seen 😂💀.
    Love from India 🇮🇳.
    Great stuff.😎👍

  2. Gave us the PPC we didn't know we needed 🥳😂

  3. Bro at the moment he clicked my phone decided to turn off ☠️

  4. That button is red? Am I colorblind or is it him, isn't that pink?

  5. “69 on both screenshots. Coincidence? I think not…”😂😂😂

  6. “Apparently the best game in the universe” You mean the parallel universe?

  7. If the multiplayer mode is online, u gotta expect to wait a long time to get to play with someone ngl

  8. The apk enters chat: its on me dude
    The crackers ake make app free enters chat: its on me

  9. Bro spent 300£ pounds on just a button 😑

  10. I bet you downloaded the exact game unlocked and sideloaded it,as play store shows both sideloaded apps and official apps the same way after installing😂 clever.

  11. We had that in the early ages already. Just no clicking 😜😜

  12. So this app is more experimental then Final Cut Pro normally?

  13. Happymode will not allow anyone to spend his money

  14. bro invested 300£ and earned 1000£ from this reel.. profit 700£

  15. If thats not a nuclear button im not wasting 299£

  16. Clicks the button
    government: activate the nuclear bomb

  17. Bro just waisted 99 dollars just to click…

    That's what I call dedication

  18. Bro is learning how to spam the nuclear button to explode somthing

  19. There’s a tuner on iPhone for over 999$

  20. I could really use the money to buy some food 😢here in south africa

  21. Make a game costing $million he will buy it for a vid

  22. That's how some people in this very earth getting rich doing nothing😂

  23. bro that's made with unity but one normal people make more good?

  24. Imagine paying 300 and the apps still gives you ads

  25. Bro have an app are more expensive than my entire phone

  26. the seller is probably buzzing they got £250

  27. Bro we want you to play these type of game in iphone

  28. Not Me downloading from online apks 🗿

  29. Imagine waiting forever just to playe a clicker game on multiplayer☠️

  30. He developed that gane just so that someday aron picks it up and pay him 300£

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