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Why have these people been playing Cookie Clicker for SEVEN YEARS?

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Cookie Clicker is still going strong in 2020. Let’s find out why.

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  1. how do peaople even keep their save that long? it always clears evertiem clear cookies lol the irony and even when dotn it deletes itself ofton. theres cheats or used to be thugh the console.

  2. I keep my PC on 24/7 to seed torrents and along with that I keep Firefox open with a bunch of tabs for random articles and YT vids I wanna watch. I keep Cookie Clicker open in one of those tabs for farts and giggles. Every now and then when I'm extra manic my brain will get short circuited just right that I'd wanna play actively for a bit.

  3. And now it's coming out of steam September 1st!

  4. I've been on my run for 214 days and have 80% of upgrades
    386 idleverses and 260 billion prestige

  5. Didn’t actually watch the video, fell asleep with this on, but the music in the outro was my ringtone in the dream

    That was weird and completely unrelated to the video.

  6. "My goals are beyond your understanding."

  7. the fact that this game is a satire on captalism is so funny

  8. I remember when this game came out some of the teachers at my school who used to be chill about phones in class became strictly against it because of how obsessed people were with cookie clicking 😭😭😭 good times

  9. I played it for a couple of years. It ISN'T fun, but it IS addictive, that's the important point. Just like crack, actually.

    After a while of not playing, I got back in, but saw that Orteil had just added yet more gadgets to it. And then that's it, you're never going to get anywhere, and once that really clicks, the appeal drops off to nothing. I pretty much filled out the universe reincarnation thing, got nearly all of them, nearly all the kittens, nearly everything. But then he just adds more. I realise there's never been an "ending" to the game, but you could at least imagine some state where you've exhausted all the options. But that's not possible, poor lad has gone insane and has nothing else to do but shit out yet more onto his awful spaghettis pile of Javascript.

  10. It's about capitalism. And it's absurdly accurate.

    Check out a recent video by Thought Slime on the topic of idle games.

  11. Bold of you to assume that I am PLAYING it. I just put an auto clicker and left it overnight.

  12. that closing quote is totally right – it is all about the satisfaction of progress. I'm like that with all my games, just an endless cycle of progress and optimization, constantly creating new goalposts to reach. There's also the sensation of getting sharp with the game's systems, like learning the ins and outs of the combat system until it's second nature. it's about finding your own playstyle. it's about the feeling of acquiring skills. for me, that's what games are all about

  13. Smh, for the combo at 5:08 he didn’t even sell off a bunch of buildings for the extra Godzamok multiplier. Decidedly suboptimal 😛

    I’ve played a few times, not in the past few years though.

  14. so the same idea as osrs. I always come back.

  15. Just another game trap for people with mental illnesses.

  16. I played for about 30 minutes and then got bored, never played again

  17. If you really think about it, life is just a cookie clicker.

  18. The question one should ask is why woouldn't you want more cookies.

  19. That background on your far/left screen… epic!

  20. How does games like this get found ? How the the creators get users on it ?

  21. Me watching this while cookie clicker is in the backrounf playing

  22. I think Roblox tycoons predate Cookie Clicker by a lot

  23. Lots of people traveled on various vacations throughout this whole covid thing. Only scared people stopped going outside for the sake of a disease. It's weird to me that people are just now discovering their mortality and using that as justification to control other people. Unless you were in an at-risk demographic, covid didn't change anything about your likelihood for death. There have been rare exceptions, young people dying and such, but the odds are ridiculously low.

  24. Minecraft laughing at cookie clickers young age

  25. ……*starts a new game of a certain game*…..

  26. um, just a side note, @pepole make games u have 100k subs, get verified man.

  27. their used to be a hack were you could get infinite cookies, they patched it many times but their would always be a way, now i think there are no ways left, good memories of wasting time away at school

  28. I think the flavor text and news ticker is a big part of it. Every time you unlock a new building type, new news is added, and it's always more crazy than the news before. Some upgrades do this too. Every new upgrade also has flavor text. So even if the gameplay isn't fun on its own you can see this news and flavor text each time you return to spend your cookies.

    Orteil has created an entire cookie based multiverse where society and the very fabric of the universe begins to fall apart as you play. There's cookie based plants and chocolate planets. There's animals and creatures made of cookies and dough and chocolate. You already have this quirky world and you get to experience everything getting worse as it all unravels. Best part is you don't even get to see any of this happening. The only way to know is to read the news ticker. Yet if you read them, you understand what's happening.

    Orteil created an entire universe literally in the background. It's there if you look for it. Through text alone you get to experience it all as it breaks down on a fundamental and molecular level.

    My personal favorite is the foreshadowing. I haven't gotten to the grandmapocalypse yet. I'm not even close. But it keeps getting foreshadowed in the news.

  29. basically the No Man's Space experience 🙂

  30. This is adventure capitalist for sesame street

  31. I think i got lucky with this game. Within 5 days of starting i managed to get all the ascension perks and managed to get myself off it.
    Was very much a lucky case with active playing and great combos with the click power…
    .. and now i want to go back to clicker heroes / kittens game and i managed to break that addiction years ago. Damn you Cookie Clicker.

  32. Cookie clicker is the best way to learn about big numbers

  33. I just started playing a couple of days ago and I had to go bake some real cookies because I started craving cookies hahaha but I find it fun playing cookie clicker and seeing how long it takes me to purchase next thing.

  34. I feel like a dumbass I literally thought all you do in this game is repeatedly click a cookie. I didn't know there were upgrades and whatnot.

  35. I like collecting things. In Cookie Clickers case: achievements 😉

  36. I have been playing cookie clicker since 2014 around halloween time and i really grinded the game until i got 1 quadrillion, and then i kinda got bored of it, but whenever i hear someone talking about it, it makes me want to play again. NOW I HAVE 2 DECILLION COOKIES 🙂

  37. ''moist cookies'' -grandma
    -people make games' wall

  38. Actually the end of the game is Infinity cookies, or Centillion in numbers.

  39. There's a legit mobile version now too. It's nice to see because up to that point you only saw the imitators that had in game microtransactions.

    It's refreshing to finally have a fully free one. Which is the actual cookie clicker.

  40. I got tired of the loop somewhere around tredecillion after a week or two.
    But for a while it was pretty okay to while some time away.

  41. On the other hand, this video has explained why i dont like idle games as someone who has trouble planning things, despite my constant procrastination.

  42. Pretty sure I remember a video where you complained about people saying you look like Sid the Sloth from Ice Age. I'm here to once more make this brilliant and original observation.

    Also, like the video 😀

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