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Why do people play Idle games and clicker games?

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Why do we play idle games? Why are most of them the same? Aren’t they just a worthless waste of time? I love these games, so let me try to explain why I enjoy them so much and potentially why others do too, and why people even make them!

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  1. Whats the one where it says you control 0.000000000000000000000001% of the galaxy?

  2. realm grinder is genius i got 2695 hours in it and over 1130 hours in gems of war

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA amateur hours, I have 725 hours on realm grinder… hahaha, help me…

  4. trimps~6 months till i modded it
    realm grinder
    cookie clicker
    universal paperclip
    swarm sim
    the simpson thing on phone, assuming the best strategy is active clicking strategy …
    pixel filling squares 3
    trying to code my own

  5. 1:52 I'm here because I'm trying to figure out how anyone can play a crappy looking game like Clicker Heroes for FORTY FIVE HUNDRED HOURS! That's four thousand, five hundred HOURS…
    Like, fuck. That's probably more than all my gaming in the last 2 years. That includes epics like Total War, Stellaris, From The Depths, Project Zomboid and Rim World– games expressly designed to not end quickly!

  6. Why I play idle games is to see the unbelievably large numbers in the game, like for example 6.984e153. That is 6984 followed by 150 zeroes!

  7. Clickers are just for those who like them, not those who pick up all AAA they see. My 2 cents.

    I adore time clickers so much.

  8. Amo jogar idle games, ultimamente estou jgoando Tap Titans 2

  9. Play a little time I have 37 days playtime on tap titans 2 (^-^)

  10. Idle games are Addictive and clicker games I agree with the games

  11. I play clicker games because I just like to see the amount of money I can get

  12. Hate idle games, clickers or similar. I used to play Injustice 2 on my mobile phone, and though is not completely "idle", you only have to tap your phone with 3 or so combos against AI and that's it. Not to mention that grinding was not rewarding and after spending a lot of time I didn't have sense of progress. Even spending money was not rewarding because you had very little chances to get good stuff even with money. In the end I decided to buy the PC version and paid 24 euros for the version with all characters on a game that really requires skill unlike it's mobile version. And I will admit that I paid much more than 24 euros on the android game, and didn't get much in return. Now I learned the lesson.

  13. Crusaders of the Lost Idols is awesome, 633 hours on it for me

  14. ╔═╗┌─┐ ┌┐┌ ┌┬┐┬ ┬ ╔╗ ┌─┐─┐ ┬ ┬
    ║ ├─┤ ││ │ │ │└┬┘ ╠╩╗│ │┌┴┬┘ │
    ╚═╝┴ ┴ ┘└┘ ─┴┘ ┴ ╚═╝└─┘┴ └─ o

    Candy Box! is idle game but with ASCII graphics.

  15. Ive put A LOT of time (thousands of hours) playing online poker for 16 years..sometimes for money but mostly play chips…Ive gone broke numerous times, based on bad luck + bad play ect…..Ive spent hundreds of dollars on buying play chips over the years…
    Anyways, what I like about Idle games is it doesnt require all of your time and attention or money…its a grind yes, but u are always improving over time. If I put $100 on a idle game to get farther in the game faster its more rewarding as opposed to buying poker play chips only to eventually lose all those chips

  16. To me, good Idle Games are a distillation of mainstream game mechanics. Clicker Heroes is a distillation of a game like Diablo: you kill something, earn gold, level UP, kill bigger things, move to next area, hire companions, Kill bigger things, and so on (as far as I have played it).
    I'm not that interested on big numbers or killing things, but I am interested on resource management games, exporation, story, crafting, unlocking content. And there are Idle Games that are about that, Universal Paperclips and A Dark Room are the ones I played.

    These games hit buttons that other games hit, but they do it in a very minimalistic way. I like tht

  17. because i like big numbers, also it's fun to experiment with the features reincarnation adds in realm grinder

  18. Over the course of 4 years of clicker games I managed to reach 24 CPS, I always double tap everything that I should only tap one on accident, and finally my fingers are so strong I can lift 75 lbs on 2 fingers

  19. How come nobody ever covers NGU idle?

  20. Idle games are the worst of worst. They just steal your time. They are addictive to certain types of people and consume and waste their lives. Time they could have spent on real progress in their lives. It get's even more sick when people pay money for DLC to make the numbers go up faster.

  21. I would like idle games to not slow down so much eventually… It's so counterintuitive if you find 10 new mechanics in the first half hour, the next takes another quarter, next one takes an hour, next one 2 days, next a week…
    That's also the thing that annoyes me about clash of clans and these sort of bullshit games

  22. i love upgrading i play alt of mmo games and i waste so much gold ingame RNG because i cant stop my self so i started using clicker games to satisfy my addiction

  23. I have a boring job listening to calls and other audio. I need something else to do or stare at something so I won't doze off. clicker games are perfect for me. not too distracting. idle games keep me from being idle.

  24. played galaxia for a bit… laughed when the factory factory caused the menu to pop out. scared i screwed up fire fox. decided it best to end the game there.

  25. universal paperclip. " i need more inches … of wiring " ball bouncing game " i need bigger balls" oh god my mind is so far down the gutter.

  26. Im. To late also the funnest thing to do is use an auto clicker on game whit pvp BUT ONLY DO THIS IF YOU ARE BORED because that will. Be. Cheathing

  27. i like stupid amounts of depth and content.
    Examples: Clicker Heroes and these days now Realm Grinder
    But yes also progress!

  28. A quick rundown of the things you can get in Realm Grinder at the time of writing: you start with 6 factions, each of which can unlock a Heritage. You can excavate for 3 Neutral factions, then excavate more for 2 prestige factions that stack on top of the original 6. Then you Reincarnate to start over, getting a bonus power. Then you get Challenges. Then Mercenaries, the aforementioned "build your own faction". Then Bloodlines, more Challenges, Research for the first 6, then 9, then 11 factions. Then you get Ascension, where the numbers come back down cause they were too big. Then Spell Tiers, to make your spells stronger. Then Dragon faction, to add on to the 3 Neutrals you unlocked forever ago. Then their Research. Then Lineages, upgraded Bloodlines. Then Mercenary Research. Then a second Ascension, giving a secondary Alignment with it's own spell. Then Artifact Sets for each faction. Then Elite Factions, that stack on top of your previous 2 chosen factions. More Bloodlines, Unique Buildings, more Challenges, all the way to Ascension 3, where we are now. It's a crazy long game.

  29. Any and every game can be a worthless waste of time. That 3rd question is rather moot isn't it? I'll still watch this video though.

  30. My sister works for a gaming company that made an idle game. They're actually earning. They only have two games but an employee base of 112. Also, they bring the entire company to Greece or Spain every year for their summer party. I couldn't figure out how they were making so much money from just microtransactions and ads.

  31. Saying "all Idle games are just the same game with a different skin" is like saying "all FPS/driving/RPG/whatever games are just the same game with a different skin".
    Idle games are a genre of games. There are thousands of them, with hundreds of different mechanics and control schemes and varying levels of depth and amounts of content and so on.

  32. My favourite thing about Ultimate Paperclip is that there is a single upgrade that just ends the human race. It's not even a special or interesting upgrade. It's just a click you do to make more paperclips. It's telling that as the AI tasked with making paperclips, ending the human race is just an afterthought. It's something that is really easy to miss if you're not looking for it. That's what really sold me on that particular game.

  33. You should play scrap clicker 2, it is a mobile game. At first it may be boring but when you dive in deeper it is amazing!

  34. I'm pretty new to clicker idle games, started with adventure capital, now hooked on Firestone Idle RPG. I think they are popular because you really can leave them running whilst other more pressing stuff needs doing.

  35. Because

  36. "Why do we play idle and clicker games?"
    Me, with every achievement in cookie clicker: Couldn't tell you

  37. We, human, know how to give a meaning to meaningless things.
    We are good at giving a meaning
    to his meaningless life, job, task, etc…

     Now, we give a meaning to skinner boxes… clicker games.

  38. Wow… This is outrageously boring. Here I am working 8 hrs Mon through Fri, get home, feed, bath, my child, clean, eat. And I feel like there not enough time in the day, but y'all just wasting minutes and hours clicking a screen. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Just shows how everyone is similar, yet different.

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