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When you create 999999999 watts of energy by clicking

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It’s Planet Clicker 2.

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  1. 7:39 Approximate food energy consumed by an average human in an 80-year lifetime.

  2. Its so weird, my phone automatically used the german audiotrack. I was scared someone was impersonating gray

  3. Professor Farnsworth: I'm sorry, Gray, but astronomers renamed Uranus in 2620 to get rid of that stupid joke once and for all.
    Gray: what do they call it now?
    Professor Farnsworth: Urrectum

  4. He has the ability to own existence and trademark creation and it's not even Wednesday yet

  5. Gray. Thank you very much. As a small child I always wondered what comes after quadrillion. Nobody could answer me. Now just occasionally I got my answer after propably 20 years or so.
    You educated me with this video. Thanks a lot. 😊😅🤗

  6. Oh i have 20 ??? To my name aswell 😉 i consider myself richer than my youngest sister 😜😜

  7. Hey you Guys You wanna know what helps me sleep?

  8. This is…llitterally just a pallet swapped cookie clicker

  9. 69 sextillion. They knew what they were doing.

  10. i love how you say its not balanced while you are using an aoutoclicker… i dont think that helps the situation at all

  11. 11:44 is the point when grey becomes Janice from the famous sitcom “friends”

  12. Gray, u should try a COLLAB with DangerouslyFunny, he plays games like this….sometimes in compilation

  13. He makes everything sycophantic that I am nubed by it

  14. please play antimatter dimensions, its basically like this game but with way bigger numbers and way more content

  15. Why hace infinity million when u can have INFINITILION!!!!!!!

  16. Alex would like the price of the sun 😂😂😂

  17. I will always add a note of appreciation for the "INCOMING!" sound implemented in a new video. 🤣

  18. and this is why orteil tied the prestige system to the magnitude produced rather than being a flat threshold.

  19. I did this thing before. What about countable infinty, googelplex, etc.

  20. When he said almost half a billion when it was 540 billion 😂😂

  21. This video is Jeff Bezos pressing F5 on his online banking

  22. Wth is wrong with the indonesia audio track 💀

  23. Huh.. on my pc youre speaking english.. but on ipad and my school garbage chromebook youre speaking dutch💀💀💀🥔🥔🥔

  24. okkkk so y why are you not commenting guys i am a big fan in Graystillplays

  25. Bro i was scared after gray started speaking german because of the new function that youtube has😂

  26. Gray never fails to colonize the solar system

  27. sorry to ask but why are all vidoes since this one german? is that only for me so or for everyone?

    WHY IS AI TRANSLATE AUTO ON… Frick you YouTube

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