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When you create 999999999 watts of energy by clicking

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It’s Planet Clicker 2.

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  1. 6:46 Energy consumed by the average U.S. automobile in the year 2000

  2. 7:39 Approximate food energy consumed by an average human in an 80-year lifetime.

  3. Its so weird, my phone automatically used the german audiotrack. I was scared someone was impersonating gray

  4. Professor Farnsworth: I'm sorry, Gray, but astronomers renamed Uranus in 2620 to get rid of that stupid joke once and for all.
    Gray: what do they call it now?
    Professor Farnsworth: Urrectum

  5. He has the ability to own existence and trademark creation and it's not even Wednesday yet

  6. Gray. Thank you very much. As a small child I always wondered what comes after quadrillion. Nobody could answer me. Now just occasionally I got my answer after propably 20 years or so.
    You educated me with this video. Thanks a lot. 😊😅🤗

  7. Oh i have 20 ??? To my name aswell 😉 i consider myself richer than my youngest sister 😜😜

  8. Hey you Guys You wanna know what helps me sleep?

  9. This is…llitterally just a pallet swapped cookie clicker

  10. 69 sextillion. They knew what they were doing.

  11. i love how you say its not balanced while you are using an aoutoclicker… i dont think that helps the situation at all

  12. 11:44 is the point when grey becomes Janice from the famous sitcom “friends”

  13. Gray, u should try a COLLAB with DangerouslyFunny, he plays games like this….sometimes in compilation

  14. He makes everything sycophantic that I am nubed by it

  15. please play antimatter dimensions, its basically like this game but with way bigger numbers and way more content

  16. Why hace infinity million when u can have INFINITILION!!!!!!!

  17. Alex would like the price of the sun 😂😂😂

  18. I will always add a note of appreciation for the "INCOMING!" sound implemented in a new video. 🤣

  19. and this is why orteil tied the prestige system to the magnitude produced rather than being a flat threshold.

  20. I did this thing before. What about countable infinty, googelplex, etc.

  21. When he said almost half a billion when it was 540 billion 😂😂

  22. This video is Jeff Bezos pressing F5 on his online banking

  23. Wth is wrong with the indonesia audio track 💀

  24. Huh.. on my pc youre speaking english.. but on ipad and my school garbage chromebook youre speaking dutch💀💀💀🥔🥔🥔

  25. okkkk so y why are you not commenting guys i am a big fan in Graystillplays

  26. Bro i was scared after gray started speaking german because of the new function that youtube has😂

  27. Gray never fails to colonize the solar system

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