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What Makes “Clicker Games” Good?

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I used to love idle games, but some people can’t see the entertainment value in it. Is there more there than meets the eye? While I can’t explain the chemical reason in our brains since I’m not really qualified to do that, I do my best to break down games and show you little elements of why I like certain games. If you’re not necessarily a fan of these games, maybe you’ll be at least be able to see the magic of why me and so many others do.

Links to all games in the description! (sadly most do not work anymore 🙁 )

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Sorry If I didn’t mention your favourite game. I haven’t played them all and I didn’t want the video to be 4 hours long.

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List of all the games featured in the video (Alphabetically):



Big Dig Treasure Clickers:

Clicker Heroes:

Clicker Monsters:

Commodore Clicker:

Cookie Clicker:

Emerald Clicker:

Fidget Spinner Idle:

Goblin Treasure Hunt:


Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms:

Hero Simulator:

Idle Farmer:

Idle Planet Defender:

Idle Web Tycoon:

Idle Woodcutting:

Particle Clicker:

Press The Button:

Soda Dungeon:

Super Idle Imagination:

Swarm Simulator:

Swarm Simulator Evolution (2):

Time Clickers:

Tree Tap Money Idle Clicker


Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game

Idle Miner Tycoon:

Merge Plane – Click & Idle Tycoon:


Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Dragon Age: Inquistion:

Fable 2:


Payday 2:


Stardew Valley:

Strong Bad’s Game For Cool Game Attractive People:

The Longest Journey:

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  1. A DARK ROOM? I know this is 2 years old , I'm not going to look through the comments but no dark room!?!?

  2. ive only played idle breakout, thanks to callmekevin. then the game glitched and i lost all my data. ive vowed off idle and clicker games since then because it took over my life lol

  3. When I was playing clicker heroes I found an exploit where I can go where I can instakill, and after I max out the coin quantity on screen I move to the latest zone.

  4. Cookie clicker gave me the biggest epiphany on the point of a game. I was playing games to win runescape league of legends back then winning meant fun, cookie clicker had cheats id use to make progress and one day I found the /win cheatcode a litteral popup that just told me i won nothing more that is all it was then there i realised victory wasn't the goal. Didn't play the game for years but when i came back i played for several weeks or months and enjoyed it much more then before it also let me enjoy games like minecraft and factorio much more as chill laid back enjoyable fun relaxing entertainment. League I quit after I got in a fight with a friend over a mistake in the game but really it was my competitive drive that made me unfun to play with.

  5. hey reality escape you can play them on crazy games and new grounds

  6. My first introduction to idle games was when Markiplier played "Blush Blush" and, as a fully grown woman, I paid for the voice acting update. And no, I'll never be ashamed of that of that fact.

  7. Idle apocalypse is easily most complicated clicker

  8. i LOVE incremental games and i always make a distinction between those and clicker games. there are absolutely brilliant games like candy box, a dark room, and crank, but in none of those do you just click and click and click ad nauseam. they idle aspects, but more importantly they have *depth*, lore, and more mechanics that you uncover as you play and THATS what makes them so appealing to me

  9. A really good clicker game is "Cell to Singularity" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.computerlunch.evolution here is the app store link
    It's basically an evolution game where you evolve your universe and evolve an amino acid into a DNA into a cell into bacteria and so on until you reach humans then you evolve human technology and at some point you'll have to ascend wich in the game is restarting the simulation and then you can upgrade the simulation engine and repeat + the devs are still updating the game oh and ads are only if you choose to watch them and you just see something like a golden atom thingy wich after you click it you get the screen to choose whether you watch an add or pay with the special currency wich you can get by reaching an achievement or by getting daily rewards or by paying with real money but you don't have to

  10. Lol I really enjoyed this video, but the moment when I decided I had to sub was when you mentioned Baldur's Gate and Minsc/Boo. Good shit. BG1 and 2 ftw

  11. Clicker heroes is something I have played for ages. I got 364K zones, although I did quit for around a year or more… I've come back and the game is actually still fun. It goes on for so long, with ascensions, transcensions, etc.

  12. Minecraft doesn't have a end

  13. At school we would always play cookie clicker it was so addictive we would hide our chrome books and play it when we were supposed to not play and yeah oh!
    We would also all sit at the front of the room and play cookie clicker and TD5.

    Also my friends Logan Justin and I were the best at TD5/cookie clicker

  14. im playing cookie clicker as i am viewing this video

  15. How is Candy Box not in this video? The game has lore, a potion crafting system, an end goal, and a bigger better sequel with even more secrets. If you haven't played it, I guess go do that now.

  16. the Geno yatatata yah tah tah tah yahtatata ya says:

    zen idle is a good idle game.
    also idle breakout.

    also what about universal paperclips?

  17. I saw that damn fish in the Clicker Hero part and I tried to click it.

  18. my favorite clicker game is abbyssrium. it's so so pretty

  19. You forgot one of the best clicker/idle games with a good story: A Dark Room

  20. This guy really talked about Clicker Games and didn't mention Antimatter Dimensions. Go play that. It is the be-all end-all of clicker games. It's like Swarm Simulator, but with even MORE to do, MORE mechanics, and many, MANY more layers of prestige.

  21. Great video, these things are crazy addictive, I've personally spent I don't care to know how many hours on like all of these games. Also put them down myself

  22. I'd say that in a way, Factorio is an idle game. And it's the best "idle game" there is.

  23. Can you please tell me what music you use at 1:33? i was looking for it so long and cant find it 🙁

  24. the first swarm silulator is what i imagine it looks like to mine crypto

  25. what is the song around 12:55?
    I heard something similar on Forza Horizon 4 but Idk the name

  26. Remember when "reality escape" was a vaguely unpopular channel that you just knew was gonna blow up?

  27. To me the thing about incremental games is, I love when other games have those kinds of progression mechanics. I love when I'm playing a game and there are a bunch of little unlockables and progression to get. The difference is: those usually end after a dozen hours or so, when you have everything.

    I imagine a sliding scale of pure unlocking vs pure gameplay' with on the one end you have Idle Woodcutting in which you just click buttons and watch the number go up, and on the other hand something like Chess which has no unlocks at all.

    Towards the left of the scale is Cookie clicker and Runescape. Towards the right of the scale are RPG's like Skyrim or the Witcher. But in the middle there are definitely games like Pokemon (trying to complete the dex), Monster Hunter, World of Warcraft, which have a lot more gameplay than Cookie Clicker yes, but there is also a very real sense of unlockables and progression underpinning the whole experience. I love when those games do it, and I love the sense of personal and character growth that these games offer. So to me these games aren't some 'new addictiion' that was accidentally created, this is something that has been in games for a long time.

  28. Fact tham most of the people in the world are low intellectual

  29. You mentioned Rubies in Clicker Heroes, and I want to commend them for how good the system is. It's great that there are ways to gain Rubies by just playing. In fact, I also have thousands of hours and never had to buy Rubies a single time. They've made it another currency to collect, instead of being exclusively "pay to win" in a singleplayer game. That's what differentiates it from those sketchy mobile games; those games are clearly designed from the ground up to try and squeeze money out of you. When you start developing a singleplayer game with microtransactions and intrusive ads in mind, it undoubtedly influences the design of the game; they want it to be so slow and annoying to play for free that you either delete the game, or end up spending thousands of dollars in order to progress.
    You also talked about whether using an external autoclicker was considered "cheating", and yet again I think Clicker Heroes handles it perfectly. They literally programmed Autoclickers into the game, that can be set up to click on anything. It's so much more convenient, and the game is designed with that in mind. So the experience is still good, even if you use an autoclicker. I think more incremental games should implement a system like that, because it removes any discussion of them being "cheating" and moves gameplay away from clicking for hours and hours. Great way to give yourself a Repetitive Stress Injury.
    I agree with you about Clicker Heroes 2, how paying so much upfront before you've even tried it just doesn't sit well, so you skipped it. I felt the same way, even though I was hyped beforehand. Based on recent comments by the developer, most of their fans had the same sentiment. It was nowhere near as popular as the original, partially due to price ON TOP of changing so much. It was technically a sequel, but the biggest fans of the original willing to pay for the beta were mad it was such a departure. Looks like the game will no longer be supported. It sucks because I wish them the best, but given preconceived notions we all have, paying for an incremental game seems unnecessary when there are so many free options. I play a ton of idle games, some for thousands of hours, but it's a slow drip of content. Asking for thousands of hours of investment AND charging full-price for it is a hard sell. It's not like other games where you can say it's high value because of the amount of content, given they are games where you don't sit down and play it as a full experience, it's a game you occasionally look at, tinker with, and then put out of your mind. If I could buy the game for like 3-5$ I MIGHT get it, but even then you can get a full AAA game on sale for 5-10$ so it's still a hard sell.

  30. Haha you should see the upgraded version of swarm simulator: 3d graphics and all

    nvm you covered that XD

  31. nothing in this video has convinced me that idle games arent just a huge waste of time

  32. best clicker game: Idle Green Button – Idle Clicker. Press the button

  33. [looks at footage of Clicker heroes]
    [looks at my petty 1K zones]
    jesus i have fucking rookie numbers

  34. When you mentioned clicker heroes it reminded me of when i played it on my xbox 🙂 good times

  35. I was going to write an angry comment if I did not see swarm simulator here lol.

  36. Every clicker game ever: SO YOU CAN CLICK MOOOOOORE

  37. I've never played an idle/clicker game in my life and probably never will, but nonetheless, I enjoyed this deep-dive into the genre

  38. da power of uwu 𒐪⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    great channel name

  39. A huge and honest thank you to everyone who has watched, commented, and subscribed! At the beginning of March I had 180 subscribers and 6000 views, so to be here nearing the end of march with 3800 Subscribers and 144,000 views (and still climbing) is overwhelming to say the least! Outside of this, life has been a bit crazy, but I will be uploading some more videos soon! In the meantime, you can follow the RE twitter (@RealityEscapeYT) or my personal twitter (@ghostboy259) for more updates.

    I super appreciate everyone who has left a positive comment. And to those who disagree with me or feel I left something out, I appreciate you being a part of the conversation! We all have our own opinions about these games, these are just mine.

    Thanks again and I hope to see you all around <3

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