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What Idle Games OR Clicker Games Are You Playing?

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Serious question guys, What Idle Games OR Clicker Games Are You Playing? I’d love to hear it so I can find some best simulation apps! * LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VIDEOS! *

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  1. Clicker Heroes, Crusaders of the lost idols, Egg Inc.

  2. I have ios but I play pickcrafter, clicker heroes 1 & 2, Bitcoin Billionaire, Cookies Inc – idle tycoon.
    I have played all of these games for over 2 years each.
    Maybe clash of clans, obviously Minecraft

  3. Idle heroes private server is ftp and amazing tons of heroes and content and still geting updated with an active comunity.
    U can get it for bluestacks or any other emulator here

    I can also recomend adventure communist for an idle igame (mobile version) its a lot of fun and way better then web version. Kepp upp the good content! btw why did your mc videos just diapare?

  4. the pc version of ad com sucks lol mobile is like way newer

  5. Check out Coockies inc tycoon and maybe Tap Smiths!

  6. I feel the same way, kinda done with clicker atm, clicker heroes 2 was meh even after all the wait, nothing is better than CH1. Adventure communist or Adventure capatalist are also both meh, last u maybe 1-2 days of gameplay.

  7. What about Cookie Clicker on pc? If interested, remember to export the save just incase you have to start over.

  8. Idling to rule the gods. But there's also NGU both super deep and have the most replayability I've ever come across.

  9. Idle Supermarket Tycoon is good! you can even get your supermarket built on the moon and even mars!

  10. I just got back into Time Clickers on Steam. I'm not playing any mobile clickers currently.

  11. Could you play clicker heroes 2? Why did you stop doing videos on it?

  12. I'm still playing Idle Wizard, I think you'd be having a lot of fun with it but for mobile try "Armory and Machine"

  13. On mobile try realm grinder , antimatter dimensions ,scrap clicker 2 ,is a good one aswell ,or maybe egg Inc , antimatter dimensions is for big numbers ,realm grinder is good for customisation and unique gameplay ,scrap clicker 2 is a really in depth merge game ,egg Inc has a few layers but can be a grind 🙂

  14. Dude, Im really sad aswell, I used to play Clicker Heroes and Clicker Heroes 2 but CH1 was too much for me and CH2 wasnt that good in my opinion. I just play platformer games, I just want to know if you like them. I played Celeste, Super Meat Boy and right now Im playing Hollow Knight. I think Celeste and Hollow Knight has so much potential. The community for both of them are great, lots of people watch them. I recommend them. What do you think?

  15. im still playing idle wizard and afkarena haha. funny to hear you talk about replayability of clicker heroes tho cause i got bored of that one quite quickly, but of course different strokes for different folks. also, you saying "wasting time on little games nobody is gonna watch", iunno i feel like that kind of applies to the entire mobile market. there is a niche audience obviously but i think getting bigger in that field specifically would be incredibly hard. i did see a bigger youtuber do a series on crappy knockoffs tho which was fairly funny, just looking for knockoffs of popular games like at the time hello neighbour.

  16. wizard and minion idle 661 hrs and counting its on steam

  17. I've been playing CH2 and Idle Wizard still, but mostly just leave them on in the background. I've also been enjoying Realm Grinder lately.

  18. Ahh I just enjoy the content Well I hope you find something soon I will enjoy you're videos either way!

  19. playing antimatter dimensions. Realm grinder is another super popular idle game.

  20. My fav is Idlers And Dungeons on android. i like indie old school rpg game, specially when it's an incremental one !

  21. Currently picked back up Crossy Road Rage again. Seems that it’s been updated since last played.

  22. Idle trainer – this is a idle pokemon game if not well I hope you find your game

  23. Okay trimps is a very deep game and is very easy to progress unless you hit the end game wall or stop in production try it out! Also I recommend idling to rule the gods as well it is the longest game I have ever played. Good content and it will keep you busy.

  24. CH1&2 Love them! Idle Heroes is quite fun too. 🙂 Either way I love seeing you play new games and love playing along with you. Keep it up Vince! ❤️

  25. Even though this is an old vid. Territory Idle and NGU idle are top tier idle games.. Territory is more of a clicker. NGU is more of an idle management.

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