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We Played a Waifu Clicker Game (w/ Dump Club)

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This is the beauty of Sakura Clicker – the intense waifu clicker game!

We’ve all scrolled a little too far into the list of steam games, but have you ever seen a game like Sakura Clicker? My good buddy Justin joins me on an epic adventure through the game (and its hilarious reviews). Be sure to check out Justin’s stuff and leave a like if you enjoyed!

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Provided by Chilled Cow
Orca Vibes – Gypsy
flovry – car radio
けm SURF – Take Care
Kevin MacLeod – Thatched Villagers
Wii Shop Channel Trap Remix

Isolation by Guy Waverly (feat. jkiv) (that’s me, formerly TBC Beats)
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0:14 Intro
1:22 Guest Intro
2:32 The Store Page
3:07 The Reviews
9:52 The Gameplay
11:48 Conclusion


  1. cookie clicker and clicker heroes are the only good clicker games.

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