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Vlogger Go Viral – Clicker Game & Vlog Simulator for iPhone and Android (Boy)

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Get ready to become the next Internet sensation in Vlogger Go Viral, the idle clicker game where every tap takes your channel one step closer to the top. Begin with only a dream in your head and a camera in your hands, and climb your way to stardom. Do you have what it takes?

Produce videos, manage your channel, gain millions of subscribers and views, grow billionaire and upgrade your sweet equipment and studio to reach the skies!

Follow the comments on your channel to discover what’s trending. Produce a video with a trending topic and watch it go viral! Master all the topics on your journey to become rich and famous, all that without ever leaving your bedroom. Okay, maybe just for toilet breaks.

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  1. hello can do the translation of the game (Vlogger go viral) in Italian?

  2. Amazing game i did a review on german to this game 🙂

  3. how you create a 2nd channel in this game?

  4. guys in the game pewdiepie invited me into a interview

  5. The game is beatiful and i can't. Play this game because my version of android is 2.3.6 and creators of this game please they can take the game in this version of my android please

  6. Me gusta el juego pero no que sea de tap cambien eso aburen los juegos de tap

  7. how do I get the #1 channel back from vlogger go viral 😢

  8. +Tapps Games How do u get your first channel back!! ANSWER!!!

  9. hey tapps how do you become #1 in any topic

  10. can i ever go back to my first channel???? And if i can….. how????????????????????????????

  11. im global #1 with JackSepticEye but they said go ahead and make a new channel but how can switch back to my #1 channel

  12. I made like 30 episodes in minutes 🙂

  13. Your video is great and the game too !!!
    Good luck with your subscribers. 😀

  14. I love the game , but I wanna watch other's videos and check out other's channels..

  15. only if be popular on YouTube was that easy

  16. wait …. what if pewds gonna played this one .

  17. for anybody who dont wanna wait for making a video:
    set the time fast forward

  18. Congratulations to 11.370 +1 Subscribers… Continue making awesome games like this. ^-^

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