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Vlogger Go Viral #5 | New Channel (reset) | Tapps Games Clicker Game

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In this video I am playing Vlogger go Viral by Tapps Games, a clicker game themed around vLogging at YouTube. As with most other Tapps games, VLogger Go Viral is amazingly designed and offer every type of feature that I could dream about – including new innovative ideas for progression and player rewards. I’m not sure what more to say… That game rocks

I am resetting the game for the first time in this video, gaining prestige point that I spend on another hat in the game! I record another 10 episodes and focus on passive income after that.


  1. You've got that vloggin feeling.Keep up the great vids Loke!

  2. you wanna hack download lucky patcher it works

  3. Hey can u plz trade me a m9 bayonet slaughter st fn plz if u have it

  4. ( net-hub silverkernel45 ) I would like some stuff for the jackpot because ive never won one please

  5. +LokeHansen could you link your competetive clicker channel?

  6. i wish i could click that fast or learn how to do it faster 🙁 YOUR AWESOME! Weird that  a simple game like this is fun and you  make it even more enjoying bole sorry for my typing mistakes i'm 12 and come from holland 😛

  7. Can you do a tutorial to go back to your first channel ?

  8. If u put your time and date settings onto manual you can finish ur vids faster like sanic thnx lik pliz

  9. I liked this video and the game. but I can't go back to my first chanel it's so sad event I think 🙁

  10. i wish they update this so you could go back to your 1st channel

  11. i got VR Hat in my Vlogger Go Viral

  12. this is a trick how to make vid faster first click a any vid u wan and change u time 1hour

  13. iam sorry but Ur too old to be playing kids games

  14. how do I change my channels username on the game?

  15. my subscription 1.1 trillion my views total 21.5 trillon global rank 1


  17. Hey nice video keep up the good work! Ive subscribed to your channel can you check my channel out and subscribe back?Thanks!

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