Village Clicker: A New Game - Devlog 1/3 - Made With Gdevelop -

Village Clicker: A New Game – Devlog 1/3 – Made With Gdevelop

Helper Wesley
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I’m starting a 3 week project, where I make a clicker game that will hopefully show how easy it is to make an engaging clicker game. And that its one of the many types of games you can make in the Gdevelop engine.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:46 The Basic Set Up
03:27 My Cat Is Loud
03:42 The Job Types
05:43 I’m Not An Artist
06:56 Town Layout
09:04 Final result
09:48 Why Not Subway Hell?

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  1. G develop is rising in popularity it’s going to be the next construct 3

  2. Lol i bought the same art pack a while back , loved it! Wanted to make a fishing game as a love letter to the old River King gbc game. still havent used the art yet

  3. Nice! I love a good clicker game personally, so excited to see what you do with this! 😀

  4. If you are looking for any extra inspiration for the tasks, I highly recommend checking out tasks in Spiritfarer.

  5. Hello Helper Wesley, you know for a better text you can use the new Bitmap Text object on GDevelop 5, it's a new experimental object in beta110.

  6. I liked it a lot! But I noticed that the lumberjack and the miner animations aren't as juicy as the other ones.

  7. you are doing good in game development I hope you will make many more big can

  8. My Cat is Loud chapter is hysterical lol. This game is looking super clean. I've never tried making a clicker either but this one is looking niiice, looking forward to your further updates to it

  9. Bouh made a BitMap text object so you could experiment with that so you dont have to use blurry text

  10. This is a really creative clicker game! Excellent job 👍

  11. the intro is just going to become the marvel intro in like a few months lol

  12. Please make a tutorial on how to set the window size for android and iOS devices

  13. Games looking awesome man, I wanted to make a similar type of game using Vector art but with mmo infrastructure Similar to Runescape. My own games been shelfed till I learn more about networking but definitely looking forward to playing your game once ready.

  14. Ah I really want to play this! It's not released yet 🙁 Any beta testers needed? 😛

  15. Finally someone understands me!

    Making games are literally the EASIEST thing I've ever done! Donno what the Game Devs' are fussing about. I bought a 10$ game from Fiverr and I literally earned 300$ from ads on Google Playstore.

    Jokes aside. I'm pretty sure, he meant, making a game from scratch isn't that easy lmao

  16. I like how the first couple minutes are mostly Wesley trying not to realize that clicker games are a lot harder than he'd anticipated.

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