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Unity Clicker Game: Shop in Clicker C# #02

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#Unity #Clicker #Tutorial

How to Make Clicker Game
Tutorials about Creating Clicker Game like This C#

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#Unity #Clicker #Tutorial


  1. hi nice tutorial but I can buy things even when I dont have
    enough money

  2. Awesome tutorial bro
    in your next video you might be able to show how to save the scene and continue it at the Score where you were

  3. Привет. Дай скрипт конкретно для добавления монет в секунду.

  4. Thank You so much for the amazing video! It was amazing and helped me a lot! However, I have a problem that the cost of the tier2 upgrade won't be shown. Once I upgrade the tier1 3 times, the cost of the fourth upgrade won't be shown either. Please help me! I love the series though! ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ 😀

  5. Awesome tutorial, now i know how to use unity better!

  6. help when i change the name of the tiers the thing does not show the cost of it
    edit: i just didnt have enough space

  7. привет помоги скрипт правильный но нет параметров в game можешь дать скрипт целый или помочь?

  8. Hi bro, im following your tutorial and when i connect the TextAmount to the inspector, didnt work, any idea? The Shop text works but amount not :(. Thanks man!

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