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Unity Clicker Game: Click Effect C# #11

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#Unity #Clicker #Tutorial

How to Make Clicker Game
Tutorials about Creating Clicker Game like This C#

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#Unity #Clicker #Tutorial


  1. Getting an error saying exp++; does not exist when following your instructions in the video. Can you let me know how this can be fixed ?

  2. hello man, first of all thank you for these videos. I'm looking forward to the rest of the videos. My only request is to put ads on the game, at the same time, I am a newcomer game producer and I am waiting for the helpful videos on this road. Thank you man.

  3. the click effect is not centered on my image and idk how to move it

  4. I have an issue, when i right "fly()" nothing happen, its like i haven't declared something but i don,t know what.

    could you please give me a hint?

  5. Hii can you pls make a tutorial that shows how to make 100000 to 100k?

  6. Can you make a Tutorial that shows how to make a Achievement PopUp in the clicker Game?

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