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Unity Clicker Game: Button Hitting C# #01

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#Unity #Clicker #Tutorial

How to Make Clicker Game
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#Unity #Clicker #Tutorial


  1. Can we publish these type of game and download from App Store or any other store by unity

  2. Hi! What do i have to do to make my project the same size on every phone?

  3. Hi, I only want to make it so when I click, the score goes up by 1, can I remove the score per second and those things like that?

  4. when i tried to put the script in the game it gives me an error
    "cant add script component 'Game' because the script class cannot be found"

  5. Ale się zdziwiłem jak zobaczyłem polski język w eksploratorze plików 😁😁

  6. Super poradnik coś czuję że nauczę się tu więcej niż na studiach 🎮

  7. ej a to jaki projekt??? napszykład android 2d .2d

  8. Its not working i did every line of code good and unity say : the modifier "public" is not valid on this item

  9. For all you lazy fucks out there:

    using System.Collections;

    using System.Collections.Generic;

    using UnityEngine;

    using UnityEngine.UI;

    public class Game : MonoBehaviour



    public Text scoreText;

    public float currentScore;

    public float hitPower;

    public float scoreIncreasedPerSecond;

    public float x;

    void Start()



    currentScore = 0;

    hitPower = 1;

    scoreIncreasedPerSecond = 1;

    x = 0f;


    // Update is called once per frame

    void Update()



    scoreText.text = (int)currentScore+ "$";

    scoreIncreasedPerSecond = x * Time.deltaTime;

    currentScore = currentScore + scoreIncreasedPerSecond;



    public void Hit()


    currentScore += hitPower;



  10. Thank you so much for this! Works great!

  11. Something doesnt work for me, ive done all the steps the exact same and the coding is 100% accurate to yours but when i "play" the game and click on the picture the score doesnt go up. Any idea why?

  12. Da się zamiast 1000 wpisać 1k?
    Wiem, że można podzielić na 1000, ale czy przy tym da się pokazać np. 2 liczy po przecinku?

  13. I followed this exactly but the score does not go up. When I press play, it says in the console at the bottom that no active loader was found. I went into the settings and enabled a loader and it still does not work. Now when I start the console is flooded with frame data saying things like FPS = Infinity, and something about cores. Someone please help.

  14. Jak zrobić żeby licznik używał TextMashPro

  15. I did exactly as it showed and I get a error Text does not contain a definition for Text. Help?

  16. What is the version of visual studio code that you are using in this video please ?

  17. Powiem tak jesteś lepszy od Dev Kacperka i za to cię szanuje, ponieważ J***Ć Dev Kacperka

  18. I know this video is old, but when I try to add my score text to the "Game" object, it will not let me and just comes up with a red stop sign. I'd appreciate any help.

  19. I see that you use opera. just like how I see you on your computer making this video. I was there. In your house, stalking you, but you never knew, your probably never even had the feeling you were being watching, and guess what, every time your not looking, I'll be there, you don't know it, you don't know who I am, but I'll be there, I'll be watching, and when you make another video, you won't even know. all because this video was made 4 years ago, and you never saw this comment.

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