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Unity 3D + Playmaker – ProBuilder to Create Clicker Game

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This is part 1 of a recording of my mini game jam that I did on my own and hopefully shows some of my thoughts and processing in creating a video game in 3 hrs. I have spread the time over 6 videos. My mini game jam theme? … Space X . Ok I am a huge space nerd and love to watch Space X launches, news, etc… So I wanted to see what kind of a game I could create based on that theme. I decided a Clicker game using Unity 3D and Playmaker as well as using ProBuilder to create the rocket and how fast you click within a 5 second period of time would give your rocket it’s flight time.

These videos are uncut but I have compressed time to make them shorter. Even though this is a self imposed mini game jam, I am also treating this as a beginner game dev tutorial for Unity 3D and Playmaker. I’ll show how to create this Space X hyper casual clicker game in Unity using Probuilder, Playmaker, and all the things you need to create this easy hyper casual game.

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