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Turning Isaac into a CLICKER GAME

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We must CLICK to KILL.
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  1. If only there were Golden Breakfasts that spawned and gave you a huge temporary dmg up for the cursor.

  2. You should do some challange runs,for example play tainted lost with perma curse of the blind.

  3. Ngl I was dying over here, knowing damage affects it and he even got a damage up from 1 to 1.29 before getting halo and realizing it

  4. an autoclicker is morally good if you're going to get carpal tunnel without it lol. Just set the delay so it's not inhumanly fast.

  5. On controller you can just revolver combo the face buttons or twirl the stick to make the clicker click reaaaaaally fast.

  6. Idea: You control the mouse, someone else controls Isaac

  7. hutts will you play the v1 character mod when it comes out

  8. does anybody know what mod hutts uses to reskin items?

  9. Hutts should've just used an auto clicker (just not on max speed, so it's not OP)

  10. you need a mouse with an auto click button, for your wrist health, not to cheat

  11. mattman not realizing the gulppe…. wait this is the wrong channel.

  12. I knew that drowsy pill was being left behind the second you dropped it.

  13. lmao, the clicker item description literally says it scale with 10 percent of your damage

  14. Loved the mod and loved the gameplay and the video

  15. This is kinda exhausting just to watch tbh- hope popes huts’ wrists are aight

  16. The random Kokiri Forest OST is amazing bruh

  17. You should have an autoclicker that is set to your tear stat (since the tearstat is [amount]/sek)

  18. I'm recovering from carpal tunnel surgery and this video is making me nervous hahahahaaha

  19. Hutts’ videos have been so much fun to watch recently!

  20. Ngl when I saw you spam that gupp paw I wondered how much health was deleted lol. And the instant regret after was the cherry on top.
    Awsome mood

  21. Peak Hutts content, and two videos in one day?

  22. I want to see you try this with an auto-clicker just to see how busted it would be–FOR SCIENCE, of course. 😉

  23. Right as I was wondering about the familiars Hutts mentioned adoption papers.

  24. i gotta say, i got my new favorite part of the videos ''Carl moment''

  25. I knew there was no chance he remembered that drowsy pill

  26. This is such an incredibly unique item that I would have loved using years ago. Now I have carpal tunnel and I could never ever use it lol but it's fun seeing it in action! Thanks Hutts for a great and fun showcase!

  27. Whenever Hutts doesn't minmax everything in the floor I lose years of life

  28. Day 3 of asking Hutts to play Antipaint

  29. Going to pass on the clicker part. Even in gungeon I don’t tap shoot weapons even if it does more damage. Hurts my hand to much.

  30. my brother in christ.. read the item description

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