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Let me know what you think of my top ten list!
What are your favorite idle/clicker games for iOS?

10. Virtual Begger (Free)

9. Tap Tycoon (Free)

8. Cookie Collector 2 (Free)

7. Casual Warrior (Free)

6. Nonstop Knight (Free)

5. Adventure Capitalist (Free)

4. Tap Titans (Free)

3. Soda Dungeon (Free)

2. Clicker Heroes (Free)

1. Tap Titans 2 (Free)


  1. I used to have an iPad mini 4 but it broke so I had to wait almost a year to get a phone for my 13th birthday

  2. Sore finger my a** I use a auto clicker much easier DONT hurt my finger and cookie click I left on all night and surprise I got billions of cookies

  3. I have an autoclicker on my phone but, that kinda defeats the whole purpose of clicker lol

  4. Pretty good! When will you upload more?
    [ I upload every Friday ( Normally ) ]

  5. i wish my ipad(ipad 2) would play some of these games like non-stop knight, my ipad crashes on some of the most basic games :/

  6. have you tried "billy bob"? the knight climbing a tower game

  7. Thank you for telling me about these! I'll be sure to download them straight away! (Except Adventure Capalist Since I have it)

  8. fucking hell I thought you had about 1 mil

  9. I can't remember the tapping game where there's a morphed animal and u have to protect by tapping on the helicopters and tank and soldiers😩 I can't remember

  10. You need to make more videos, this was great!
    Also Cookie Clicker Collector 2 is very addictive, I've gotten above 1 sexdecillion cookies before 😀
    Anyway, great video!

  11. All these fake accounts advertising "fetching mimu only" I wouldn't trust that game with someone else phone.

  12. I am going outside US and this VPN service “fetching zonet com” (Google it) performs like a charm. Allows me to watch shows and so forth. like if I am in the US. I also used this in my school where WiFi blocks social media, so this is the ideal VPN I can find to unblock everything and it works good.

  13. YouTube is alsow a clicker game, click so fast as you Can on the right side of your screen to skip boring Parts of this video.

  14. Why do u have 57 subs ur editing is so good +1 sub

  15. Idle Miner Tycoon Is One Tycoon Game That Is Pure Addicting I Play It

  16. Clicker heroes is the best, it is so satisfying changing my date and time ready to collect trillions of money

  17. • Try out war clicks. You will be helping me out and the creator. It is similar to clicker heroes so you might like it.

  18. Dreeps is probably the most idle clicker you will ever get your hands on and you should at least give it a look.

  19. Keep developing your YouTube channel. Don’t give up you have lots of potential. Good luck.

  20. Woah! You really made this video high quality. I bet you will make a great youtuber someday

  21. Disloke just for the shitty quiet audio quality. Like, instant dislike.

  22. Idlers And Dungeons on android is the most famous incremental game 😉

  23. For the worldwide tribe of
    dedicated followers of the latest gaming Apps for mobile phones and tablets (particularly of the ‘idling’ gaming genre: Tap Titans; Clicker Racing; Human Evolution etc.), time can sometimes prove a frustrating concept. The number of hours it takes to penetrate the minds of characters and piece together the story line to hit the biggest and best unlocks or rewards can be infinite.

    I for one would love to have ‘Hamlette Painter of Skulls’ (Tap Titans) fighting along side me against ‘Dark Lord Punisher of All’ whilst I complete my commute on the Jubilee Line to and from work.

    The trouble is, with idlers a lot of the leg work (tapping) necessary to reach the unlock to these guys can quite often be a trifle mundane. Think about the amount of work, the skilled artistry and talent that goes into producing such sophisticated, technicolour gaming masterpieces as 'Tap Titans', 'Tap Titans 2' (Game Hive Corporation), and 'Clicker Racing' (Lion Studios). Only a handful of titles deserve a mention in that category, but of those that do, (and indeed many of those that don’t), only a minority of fanatics – mostly playing on PC/hack – get to see the what happens in the end. The truth is, it the ratio of time invested to progress made simply does not add up, without even considering the cost. And this is a shame. It's a shame if because, as a result, the vast majority of fans miss out on some of the best work in the Game/App.

    Of course, it's possible, to buy your way in – to pay money (an ‘In App Purchase’) in order to obtain upgrades, characters, and generally speed up the progress. I’ve done it myself. There are also other options, but many of these involve questionable, not to mention, potentially threatening software downloads, which involve complicated setting up processes.

    Luckily, there is now a simple answer: an electronic clicker known to a growing following as pegg (

    “Pegg is ultimately a mobile phone accessory. It aims to be a cool electronic gadget, to look fabulous, and to be there to help out with the mundane gaming duties (tapping), ‘as and when’ 🙂” – (Pegg Electronics).

    Even with casual, moderate use, pegg will allow significantly improved progress to unlocks on your favourite games, and help you through – or at least nearer to – the end.

    Call me an 'idle idler' and yes, maybe I am but I’d certainly like the rewards without as much of the effort, but perhaps moreover – to witness all of the results of the quality work, and pay homage to the enormous effort thats gone into producing these fantastic games. Robot anyone!!??

  24. WHAT ABOUT IDLE SUPERMARKET oh sry this was made in 2016

  25. Try out Almost a hero, it’s a decent idle game

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