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Top 5 Scratch Clicker Games!

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In this Top 5 Scratch Games video, I play 5 really awesome clicker games.


🎮 Check out all of the games I played in the video:
Planet clicker:
potato clicker:
Waffle Click:
Box Clicker:
My Cat Clicker lol:

Scratch Profile Page:
Night Ninja Scrolling Platformer:
Cat Clicker tutorial:
Tower Defense tutorial:
How-to tutorials:
Get Scratch Addons:

00:00 – Intro
00:23 – 5 – Planet Clicker
01:40 – 4 – Potato Clicker
02:57 – 3 – 100 %
04:25 – 2 – Waffle Click
05:29 – 1 – Box Clicker
06:40 – sHAMLeSS plUG11!1
06:51 – Outro

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  1. I love the way you made a bonus clicker game! (by the way the game totally not made by you)

  2. you should try money clicker too ( cool video)

  3. In the potato clicker the potato looks like a chicken nugget

  4. heya could u possibly try mine known as gear clicker? its still a wip but id like to know how good it is! (its the one with CyanChillZ)

  5. shiftclick pls share the projects of the #7 of tile game pls 😀😁😁😁

  6. can you do another one of these videos but its only about scrolling games

  7. Nice! I Have been wating for these top 510 Videos!

  8. Where did Loading- The Game go? Otherwise these are actually very impressive!

  9. I worked on a clicker game for 2 months "my first project"
    and now after I have several projects I came back to it and made some changes and im happy with it.
    I can send u the link if u want.

  10. hi I cannot comment anymore becuz i have bad net
    sryy 🙁

  11. Epic video
    I uploaded a rock paper scissor game right now
    Are you interested

  12. Ah clicker games today. I once made a scratch clicker but I stopped working on it..

  13. My first game on Scratch is a clicker game

  14. I love your vids by the way can you make top 5 best scratch survival games and I recommend one on one on you list it's called TDSGBV 3D

  15. Hi ShiftClickLearn! I love all of the video's you make!

  16. The thumbnail is amazing what do you do make thumbnails like then ones you do

  17. I want him to do a part two
    Also my clicker game that I made isn’t getting that many views but I guess it’s just beginner stats

  18. The link of potato clicker is the same as the link of planet clicker.

  19. I made many incremental games. The most recent one is called Viral Spread. It have 4 prestige layers, 15 repeatable upgrades(all with different cost scaling!), 28 non-repeatable upgrades. The current endgame is to reach 10^100,000,000,000 Cases and 10^100 Infected Multiverse.

  20. how do you get the black cursor on your computer?

  21. I'm making a mac n cheese clicker( I'll edit this comment and add link

  22. I don't know why but the thumbnail made me laugh

  23. I made some games on scratch! I'm working on this really cool minecraft ending game also my username on scratch is samehators

  24. im actually doing a clicker game "blow the console". idk why i called it like that, but it's a retro-style game, made in scratch and yeah, it's really ~ a e s t h e t i c ~

  25. You should play among us clicker by Takumi_roblox_god !

  26. Wow, I've been with you from 300 in scratch! Now I see your YT!

  27. Can you make a video about the most creative projects?

  28. you should try breathing simulator by the updator is such a great game

  29. He did not add my Super Mango Clicker Deluxe+ one :((((((( (lol)


  31. ({ })
    I_I tried to make your icon with ACSII art

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