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Top 5 Scratch Clicker Games!

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In this Top 5 Scratch Games video, I play 5 really awesome clicker games.


🎮 Check out all of the games I played in the video:
Planet clicker:
potato clicker:
Waffle Click:
Box Clicker:
My Cat Clicker lol:

Scratch Profile Page:
Night Ninja Scrolling Platformer:
Cat Clicker tutorial:
Tower Defense tutorial:
How-to tutorials:
Get Scratch Addons:

00:00 – Intro
00:23 – 5 – Planet Clicker
01:40 – 4 – Potato Clicker
02:57 – 3 – 100 %
04:25 – 2 – Waffle Click
05:29 – 1 – Box Clicker
06:40 – sHAMLeSS plUG11!1
06:51 – Outro

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  1. I love the way you made a bonus clicker game! (by the way the game totally not made by you)

  2. you should try money clicker too ( cool video)

  3. In the potato clicker the potato looks like a chicken nugget

  4. heya could u possibly try mine known as gear clicker? its still a wip but id like to know how good it is! (its the one with CyanChillZ)

  5. shiftclick pls share the projects of the #7 of tile game pls 😀😁😁😁

  6. can you do another one of these videos but its only about scrolling games

  7. Nice! I Have been wating for these top 510 Videos!

  8. Where did Loading- The Game go? Otherwise these are actually very impressive!

  9. I worked on a clicker game for 2 months "my first project"
    and now after I have several projects I came back to it and made some changes and im happy with it.
    I can send u the link if u want.

  10. hi I cannot comment anymore becuz i have bad net
    sryy 🙁

  11. Epic video
    I uploaded a rock paper scissor game right now
    Are you interested

  12. Ah clicker games today. I once made a scratch clicker but I stopped working on it..

  13. My first game on Scratch is a clicker game

  14. I love your vids by the way can you make top 5 best scratch survival games and I recommend one on one on you list it's called TDSGBV 3D

  15. Hi ShiftClickLearn! I love all of the video's you make!

  16. The thumbnail is amazing what do you do make thumbnails like then ones you do

  17. I want him to do a part two
    Also my clicker game that I made isn’t getting that many views but I guess it’s just beginner stats

  18. The link of potato clicker is the same as the link of planet clicker.

  19. I made many incremental games. The most recent one is called Viral Spread. It have 4 prestige layers, 15 repeatable upgrades(all with different cost scaling!), 28 non-repeatable upgrades. The current endgame is to reach 10^100,000,000,000 Cases and 10^100 Infected Multiverse.

  20. how do you get the black cursor on your computer?

  21. I'm making a mac n cheese clicker( I'll edit this comment and add link

  22. I don't know why but the thumbnail made me laugh

  23. I made some games on scratch! I'm working on this really cool minecraft ending game also my username on scratch is samehators

  24. im actually doing a clicker game "blow the console". idk why i called it like that, but it's a retro-style game, made in scratch and yeah, it's really ~ a e s t h e t i c ~

  25. You should play among us clicker by Takumi_roblox_god !

  26. Wow, I've been with you from 300 in scratch! Now I see your YT!

  27. Can you make a video about the most creative projects?

  28. you should try breathing simulator by the updator is such a great game

  29. He did not add my Super Mango Clicker Deluxe+ one :((((((( (lol)


  31. ({ })
    I_I tried to make your icon with ACSII art

  32. There were a slew of "clicker" style games in a variety of themes from mobster games to biker games, to cookie games and even our own MMA Fight Club game that was very successful on Facebook. We actually took our original MMA clicker game and just released a modern take on it. Instead of mindless clicking for hours and hours, over months and even years, we use mini-games to increase the attributes of the fighter. It's just on iOS now but working on Android version at the moment. MMA Fight Club 2.

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