Top 5 Idle Incremental Clicker Games #PumaCounts -

Top 5 Idle Incremental Clicker Games #PumaCounts

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What’s Going on Guys? This is VinylicPuma and today I want to share my Top 5 most Time wasting Idle/Incremental Clicker Type games that can be played on either your Browser, Steam or on Android and or iOS devices!

As always, be sure to leave a like and let me know what your favorite clicker games are!


  1. In the intro you played a game. What is that game called? (the manga game)

  2. I am Huehue br and i destroy the usa in 7098 D.C

  3. I really like Clicker heroes and in my opion he is way to low n your list. But offcourse its just what you personally like the most. I also play insanity clickers. Its a Clicker Heroes clone and you can find him for free on Steam.

  4. My favorite clicker game is Insanity clicker i have 7.09 hours in that games in only 2 days (i know is a little time in 2 days but..i dont have so much spare time ) the devs released it like a month ago ..Search it on steam 🙂 If you like clicker games and horror games this fit perfect 🙂

  5. I love farm away you should check it out ☺☺☺☺😃

  6. At the moment I like Idling to Rule the Gods, they are all about the same for me… I just go offline for a while so when I get on I have a lot of money. I Played Time Clicker and Heroes Clicker.

  7. What was the game you was playing at the begginig???

  8. Clicker hero's is shit it takes like 200000 hours just to get "far" time clickers is the only fun clicker I can find.

  9. im really surprised Clicker heroes is on this, it's badass

  10. What was the game at the start before clicker heroes?

  11. Umm to be honest clicker heroes has a lot more content then the other ones /: like 30000. More

  12. its too dangerous to give me clicker games but Thanks

  13. Now a better clicker than ADventure Cap. or Clicker Heroes!!! – Midas Gold Plus. so many mechanics much more than AdCap, that continues to evole even after 500 hours of play. I'm playing for 600 hours ans stil haven't unlocked everything. It's so Fun!!

  14. The best Idle game that I have ever played is Gates of Survival. Come and check the game out. We are a friendly community.

  15. During Time Clickers explanation he forgot to mention that every 5th wave you fight a Miniboss

  16. MAN there’s now cookie clicker on Android and iOS!

  17. PM me if you want clicker heroes Save File 🙂 99 million gem and 30k +lvl everyhero

  18. You took the most obvious incremental games..

  19. hes so aggressive in this video and i love it

  20. this brought back my childhood. not the clicker games, vinylic puma. i remember coming home from school and watching his borderlands 2 content. he probably wont see this but if he does just wanted to say this

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