Top 5 Clicker Games! - or: Top 5 Idle Games! (Best Clicker Games) -

Top 5 Clicker Games! – or: Top 5 Idle Games! (Best Clicker Games)

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Want some WEIRD idle games?

Links to all the games in this video (plus some extras!) are deeper in the description!

Clicker games and idle games are among my guilty pleasures of gaming. They’re pretty chill experiences that don’t take a lot while giving you a really solid illusory feeling of accomplishment, even if they eventually incite an existential crisis.

So since I’ve spent so much time on these in the past months, I decided to compile a list of my top 5 clicker games! Or should I say top 5 idle games? I dunno, they’re used pretty interchangeably…

The games!
Clicker Heroes (Steam):
Clicker Heroes (Kongregate):
Time Clickers (Steam):
Time Clickers (Kongregate):
Idle Raiders:
Egg Inc (iOS):
Egg Inc (Android):
Swarm Simulator:
Factory Idle:
Realm Grinder:

Candy Box:
Candy Box 2:
A Dark Room:
YouTube Itself:
Cookie Clicker:

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  1. Don't let this video deceive you into playing Galaxia. When he said it took him 2 hours to play it, I paused the video and went to try it out. And it took me eight hours fourteen minutes to beat it. EIGHT HOURS FOURTEEN MINUTES.

    …okay, so maybe I sucked and got stuck for hours, because I overbuilt metafactories of Probes, which let me without Energy, and wherever I could have energy, it was used to build more Probes, which were clogging the production of Colony Ships, so I couldn't get more Energy. And without Energy I couldn't build anything in the factories, once the Colony Ships returned I had to spam click the buy button on the Automation to buy more Colony ships, and it was active for a fraction of a second, so 90% of the time it wouldn't work! it was a nightmare!

    …and then I found you can suspend Probe production, unclogging everything and allowing me to build Colony ships en masse (the metafactories run out, so all you need to do is buy Colony ships on the very last factory), and then I proceeded to conquer 100% of the galaxy in 5 minutes…

    Oh well, at least after doing it, the struggle was more fun than the intended path, which ends weirdly (once you reach like 20% of the Galaxy, you conquer the other 80% in like 2 minutes o_O )

  2. I feel like idle games take the reincarnation mechanic from disgaea on steroids.

  3. the games are best played on mobile than a computer

  4. Who played clicker heroes for half year like

  5. I’m disappointed there was no mention of trimps, it may not be a clicker game, but it is definitely the most advanced idle game I’ve played

  6. its 2 Am and u have not eaten dinner yet….. obviously you haven't it is 2 in the morning!!!

  7. There's a version of swarm simulator on kongregate where there's actual graphics
    3d graphics at that

  8. i looked at this video because of my auto clicker B)

  9. i Love cookie clicker and yaiko but it's for mobile

  10. Realm grinder honestly is the best for wasting time because you cant just simply beat realm grinder in one or two days, it takes many many days and much research of the mechanic as you progress as there are two prestige mechanics, one where you get gems that is just raw income bonuses, but then another that requires a certain amount of gems before you can achieve it and as you achieve the reincarnation (2nd prestige method) you can unlock more mechanics and bonuses

  11. Me at the first one on his list "i'm playing that now"

  12. Egg inc gets significantly boring after about five minutes of playing tbh

  13. My list is number one clicker heroes number 2 cookie clickers

  14. I liked the gold-Orange fish ar style on the thubnail, is it an in game feature?

  15. Bruh Realm Grinder, is definitely underrated. Best clicker game

  16. I play every game that u showed except galaxia

  17. I don't see cookie clicker. Is this video a troll?

  18. I remember egg inc.! Someone I met IRL also played it, and he gave me some prestige eggs. Really nice guy!

  19. I would highly recommend kittens game, it’s pretty in depth compared to most.

  20. I gotta say the game I fell in love with the most is Antimatter Dimensions. I think I've been playing nonstop for over 2 months

  21. WHAT IF YOU HAVE AUTO C L I C K E R?????????????????????????????

  22. Spaceplan is what got my mom into idles, she just randomly messaged me one day she was playing it.
    After describing how long idle games can last, my mom was excited to be in it for the long haul.
    So she was disappointed when it ended so quickly, the ending sucked and it should've been 100x longer, waste of time for everyone.
    She hasn't found another one since.

  23. I just started playing egg inc. Today. I'm actually playing it as I watch this video lol


  25. Pls check out cell to singlarity

  26. then theres reality escape 7000+ hours on clicker heroes

  27. plantera game exits* me: terraria WWI referenes*

  28. I would say Tap Titans 2 is good to

  29. Me: comes here with an autoclicker
    Also me : what have i become ?

  30. I LOVE THAT GAME CALLED SPACEPLAN ITS SO GOOD I GOT THE END and its was cool 2 dollars was worth it

  31. People With Auto Clicker: Finnaly My Time Has Come.

  32. CoinBlock Clicker: Idle Clicker on Android is also very epic! Maybe try it out 🙂

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