Top 10 Scratch Games (October 2022) -

Top 10 Scratch Games (October 2022)

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In this Top 10 Scratch Games video, I play some of the most mind-blowing, awesome games made in Scratch (In my opinion ;p).

🎮 Scratch Games In The Video:
The Kingdom of Nor:
Miner Cat 4:
Toilet Paper Hoarder:
Getting Over It:
Minecraft V6:
Candy Clicker 2:
Hobbs Home:
Finger Driver:
Shockwave Video:

Scratch Profile Page:
Night Ninja Scrolling Platformer:
Cat Clicker tutorial:
Tower Defense tutorial:
How-to tutorials:
Get Scratch Addons:

00:00 – Intro
00:23 – 1. The Kingdom of Nor
02:28 – 2. Miner Cat 4
03:44 – 3. Toilet Paper Hoarder
05:10 – 4. Getting Over It
08:02 – 5. Minecraft V6
09:13 – 6. Candy Clicker 2
11:05 – 7. Hobbs Home
12:32 – 8. Finger Driver
15:08 – 9. Arena
16:52 – 10. Shockwave
18:29 – Outro

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  1. It occurred to you that it was a towel and not a ghost. 😆

  2. Now I'll be able to play good games in the living room lol


  4. losing brain cells, this is mind blowing!

  5. i refuse to believe that shockwave was made in scratch

  6. Can you also make a scratch vid including my game, space chase 1 and Space Chase 2? My username is LineSetup_Studios (And Space Chase 3 is releasing probably today)

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  8. not being mean or anything, but i think its funny how you get money from showcasing random peoples games!

  9. My record in get it over it was 2 30 minutes

  10. I made a game called rpg battles

  11. 6:50 "I never played it before"
    Plays the game very good knows shortcuts and seems like has like 10 hours in the game or smh

  12. Thank you for reviewing my game finger driver!!!!

  13. For this year one game that has to make the list is Mello 2

  14. Scratch is the Roblox of people that know Roblox is a legit engine.

  15. he's maybe have a problems with his head

  16. For the fourth scratch game how dare you call my favorite scratcher little

  17. 0:00: 🕹️ A showcase of top 10 scratch games with insane projects and cool features.
    2:41: 🎮 The video showcases a game with a platform, achievement system, and a variety of items and tools for players to collect and use.
    5:24: 🕹️ The video is a gameplay review of a new game inspired by 'Getting Over It'.
    8:12: 🎮 The video showcases a 3D Minecraft clone created in Scratch, with impressive rendering and gameplay features.
    11:03: 🎮 The video discusses a game called Hobbes Home, a platformer story game with nice pixel art and a game soundtrack.
    13:39: 🎮 The video showcases a challenging game mode with fast-paced obstacles and sharp turns.
    16:47: 🎮 The video showcases a mind-blowing first-person game created in Scratch, with impressive graphics and gameplay.
    Recapped using Tammy AI

  18. I will do this without talking (few seconds),you are talking 😂

  19. Small scratcher? Griffpatch is probaly the most popular scratcher in scratch

  20. Your struggilg to get to 1k and not giving me made me giggle lol, you earned a sub.

  21. I'd like to see what you think of some of my scratch games. if you want to my profile name on scratch is VintageSledGuy and I've done quite a few you might be interested to play or review. here's a video of the gameplay of my most recent game, "Project: Infested" (I should mention I've been using scratch since 2013 in the scratch version 1.4 days.)

  22. I don’t think my fifty dollar school computer will be able to launch half these games

  23. Wait so in this vid the first game he shows in kingdom of nor my chipm0nk. And the first vid I see on the right is kingdom of nor. By chipm0nk.

  24. Unfortunately shockwave was officially banned in scratch

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