This Took 15,000,000 Years -

This Took 15,000,000 Years

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Who said money can’t buy time? Being able to save up this much time can lead to some very interesting ways to spend it. Just imagine all the havoc you could cause. This game was very satisfying to play because who doesn’t love seeing a number get bigger and bigger?

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Game: Clock Clicker

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  1. The 0 wasn’t a zero its was an O it was octillion and this game is a bit buggy with the time at the bottom and the buying things the 3,700 thing too

  2. Mystery number was Octillion. Septillion for the big S. Gotta love syntax

  3. i can't find where to get the game so if you could can you send the link

  4. im extremely surprised u didnt find the rebirth button giving u click on everything clickable, its the p with a star

  5. upgrading just causes your clicks to advance the bonus thing.


  7. How long did you edit bc 15000000 years is a bit long

  8. 15 million years he not be here 15 million years is time he clicking 15 million years is he goal or not?

  9. Is 2 years he clicking the time I mean he not spending he year get 15m years I mean in game is 2 years I mean the time now spin 2 years bro that's like 2024 like 15m years is future I mean the universe I mean earth evolution in 15 million years is take for years for 1000 1000 100 years get 15m years

  10. Ummm he clicked 121 million years or is keep going up I can't talk anymore

  11. what is your autoclivker program ???

  12. I like how he doesn't realize octillion is after septillion here

  13. Why is the pressure gauge a metronome

  14. Ten (10)
    Hundred (100)
    Thousand (1000)
    Million (M)
    Billion (B)
    Trillion or quadrillion (q)
    Quintillion (Q)
    Sextillion (s)
    Septillion (S)
    Octillion (O)
    Nonilion (N)

  15. Its cookie clicker but instead of that its clockie clicker

  16. The second last number was O not zero it was O not 0

  17. Plot twist: the timer in the bottom was real live time the whole time and DF just cut it together like this

  18. He says at the last part it isint giving It a currency when it has a O in the end lol it’s octilloin man

  19. I love seeing DF do so much mental math now that he's played so many clickers

  20. thats 1.5552e+13 seconds

  21. Bro idk why but the first time i was watching your vids i slept listening to your voice
    XD don't mind me 😀

  22. I think I accidentally fell asleep watching you last night

  23. It was only 16,000 years I want a refund 😅

  24. That.. uh… "Mystery letter" was "Octillion"… ahem… Also factorized as "O" it cost 30O or "30" Thirty "O" Octillion… :3

  25. I got 1388099536875Months I think I broke the game

  26. Those "mystery units" are O's for octillion. The O's do look like the 0's so the mistake is understandable

  27. i just played this and got to the end with an auto clicker well that's over an hour of my life im not getting back

  28. I wonder what the spiffing brit thinks of this guy since he drinks so much coffee

  29. Any kind of ASMR : Nah …

    New DF video : Real shit !

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