This Minecraft Knock-Off Game Is Actually Hilarious -

This Minecraft Knock-Off Game Is Actually Hilarious

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What if Minecraft was a clicker game?
Had to check back in on this game and see how far we could take it after all this time away. It turns out we can go pretty far and leave a nice trail of lifeless creepers behind us.

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Game: MineClicker 2

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(Epidemic Sound)


  1. Half of 50 is 9 thanks for the math lesson DF

  2. is the game supposed to cause 100% CPU usage when it runs?

  3. Give some love to N8 for the awesome edits

  4. Did anyone catch him saying that he'll leave this alone for the next 4 YEARS???

  5. Damn great new update now we got stone bow and crossbows😂😂😂😂😂

  6. i like how the YouTube bot still counted this as Minecraft

  7. You are having me have a brain aneurysm when your calling chainmail "stone armor"

  8. ok in your defense that delete button makes no sense

  9. Florida is roundin up trans kids and chargin their parents with crimes; this is genocide

  10. I hope there's a roblox game like this. It seems like I'd be one.

  11. DF the term rubies only apply to red corundum gemstones those are clearly green sapphires.

  12. Where can I download this game? @DangerouslyFunny

  13. I'll let it slide since chain mail armor is absolute trash that nobody uses.

  14. whats the name of this game for reasearch perpouses

  15. U can tell he dosent play minecraft when he calls chainmeal armor stone 😢

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