This free game is a 10/10 -

This free game is a 10/10

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I can’t believe how amazing this free game is.
If you have any love for clicking and roguelikes then you should give this one a shot.

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Game: Battle Button Clicker

Music provided by:
(Epidemic Sound)



  2. You should make an auto video just leave your cursor in the center with your autoclicker on 😂

  3. Seriously? Not that I don’t enjoy the clickers (I don’t), but you made your channel on Stardew valley and now its been 2 updates since you made a video on it. Are you just never going back to games you actually play?

  4. got it i will double my ancient fruit production no further context needed if you are a true DF fan

  5. Man, i dont know what it is but your voice just puts me at ease. What you do is dumb, dumb fun. I love it. Bless you man.

  6. You're welcome for the video I guess idk

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  8. Have a chill pill bruh, here take it
    – you've got a [insert chill pill]

  9. What if further context is requested or demanded?

  10. A free game that litters itself with ads isn't free.

  11. You're right, I should double my debt! Thank you DF for this wisdom.

  12. I think you forgot the link to the game.

  13. So I’m not the Logan who recommended this game but I am a Logan who was just playing this game the other day and I was very very confused at the start of the video

  14. Just doubled my student loan debt. Thanks DF!

  15. People who knew once they saw the "laser mode" it was just an autoclicker and love DangerouslyFunny's content

  16. damn i haven’t checked out ur channel in months ur voice is so calming 🙏

  17. ok ill go play it for my self need more of this lol

  18. I litterally just played this last week or smt on crazygames ☠ how tf does bro make like good money while playing crazygames games

  19. Bro I swear I was playing this game in school on crazy games like last week-

  20. I’ve been a fan for years the shoutout was great❤😂

  21. watching df every night has been my habit for over a year now. ive never commented before but right now i just feel like i should. ive been struggling with my mental health quietly for over 6 years, watching his videos always makes me laugh and it makes me happy that i have something to watch before i go to sleep. i think this is the last video that im going to watch, obviously not, but thats what i was planning. i honestly dont really know why im typing this but i feel like this is the best place to say it. recently my mental health has been taking a turn for the worse, ive been drinking and doing substances a lot, and its really affected my life. i got suspended from school, i cant go anywhere, and everyone in my family is disappointed in what im doing. ive been trying to make progress towards quitting, and for a while i was doing good. but i just dont see a point anymore. i love my friends and family but ive been doing so much to disappoint all of them that i honestly feel like id be better off just not bothering anyone at all anymore. this is probably really inappropriate to write here in a youtube comment section so im sorry. i just needed to get this off my chest.

  22. “anytime you can double something you should absolutely do it” – DF, 2024

    on my way to double world hunger rn

  23. So that explains why DF lives his “coffee” so much, He’s a vampire!

  24. Is there an app version of this. I'm only seeing web version

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