The WORLDS HIGHEST CLICKS in Banana - The Banana Clicker Game -

The WORLDS HIGHEST CLICKS in Banana – The Banana Clicker Game

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So I decided to play the newest Banana Clicker gamer on Steam that currently has over 144,000 players. I show off the entire game from start to finish, and give you the best tips and tricks on how to click your banana the fastest as well as show you what happens at 1000 clicks, 10,000 clicks, 100,000 clicks, 1,000,000 clicks, and even up to 4 billion clicks. If you want to learn the best strategies for playing this Banana clicker game developed by Aaladin66, Pony, Sky, and AestheticSpartan, then this video is for you.

If you want to play the Banana game, click here:

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  1. Click the "Thanks" button under the video to leave me a donation. It'd be really funny if you left a huge donation on this banana clicking video. :)Edit: My minus key is my mic mute button so sorry for the dead air towards the end of the video. Oops!

  2. This would be hella funny as a member exclusive video

  3. "I am very fast with my fingers"

  4. Can you show us the best way to get the most clicks early game ? Lol jk

  5. Store page recommends Metro Exodus and Resident Evil as similar games

  6. better to come in the sink then to sink in the come

  7. When you said "go negative value" I instantly thought "he will mute the microphone and won't notice" lol

  8. Can you drop a banana when using clicker?

  9. Unironically probably one of the best SwoleBenji videos 😄

  10. So if you install a third party auto clicker you get banned on steam?

  11. lol… the jokes on you hacker! The rewards are for how long you play the game, not for how many clicks you get.
    but seriously… funny vid.

  12. Bro, this game has 200k+ players on Steam now. What the fuck is wrong with people 🤣

  13. This is a slap in the face of AAAA game studios bloated budgets and crunch and ultra, super fantastical, hyper realistic graphics, and 500 man teams and DEI. At the time of this comment it’s at 400,000 concurrent players on steam. Imagine that, you don’t need all of the extras just make a fun game and people will play it. Remember this game and use it as an example to all of the major studios slop.

  14. It's works like crypto except you can't see the Market Cap or how many bananas each of them exist in total which means the value is unknown. While on crypto you can calculate chaine and now when the drop will happen. Here you can't trade or now anything. This is worse than crypto.

  15. Did I just watch a person play a game where you just click the banana and he happens to get it over 10000+ times?


  16. My mouse has a autoclick button, when i use it i get banned?

  17. Everyone still playing rn has an auto clicker on it I know I do

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