The Secret Cookie Clicker Market -

The Secret Cookie Clicker Market

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In cookie clicker there is a stock market, and grandmas trying to take over the universe, and kittens, and dragons, and evil santa, and also cookies I think

(Coming Soon)




Boss music:

Fast Piano:

Epic Battle:
Solo Cello:
Synth Horror:


Dvorak remix:


  1. Just got the 7x plus 7x7x7 for the first time

  2. This video called me physical pain. I am dying right now dragon equals bad.

  3. Bros mental help is no longer gonna do anything he is to far past the line of no return

  4. Fun flex my friend has been playing for a yr and he is missing 1shadow achivnent woch is 27777gokden cookies and has 94%i have 85%

  5. This rap battle was aboslutely divine. I think so much glorious fire has been spit that a tray of dough can be baked into cookies just by putting next to the speakers.

  6. I am doing this achievement buying when is lower than 10 an selling when is higher then 100

  7. The cookie clicker fandom honestly scares me

  8. Bro made more money than mammon 😂😂😂😂

  9. you didnt list the music at 14:04 some sort of initial d sounding track?

  10. the rap battle at the end tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Come for the Cookie Clicker secrets–stay for the EPIC RAP BATTLE between Dragoon and Vera. 🙂

  12. wait a sec that was actually good german for a second there congrats!

  13. Dragoons rap had no right being that fire

  14. When the game is to long and you can’t finish it

  15. 16:42 it suprised me so hard u just spoke german there, bruh, do u just learn the language or are u german aswell?

  16. I saw someone on the cookie clicker subreddit that made a billion dollar profits on the stock market game.

  17. I disagree fast fall slowly buy until it’s reaching what you think is the lowest and wait until it rises back

  18. yo you gotta drop an album with all these raps these are 🔥🔥

  19. OMG i got shadow achivement without trying

  20. Your rap is better then most rappers

  21. Who is this man and how is he so good at what he does

  22. "Oh… It's working again. yaaaaay…"😂

  23. just to let u know i was just investing in the stocks and idk how i got that acheivement liquid assets how idk but wow

  24. i come to realize this series is simply the chronicles of one mans slow slide into insanity

  25. that rap slaps like the snack that smiles back

  26. You may be able to read but I can write

  27. I never thought I would hear Dragoon say “Tag sechsunddreizig” in a video about Cookie Clicker. Truly a German moment.

  28. I heard that in the UK, this game is called Biscuit Blicker.

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