The First Clicker I've Actually Enjoyed - Microcivilization -

The First Clicker I’ve Actually Enjoyed – Microcivilization

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Incremental clicker strategy, where you expand, construct, research, fight, collect heroes and make choices between good and evil. Ascend through difficulty tiers by playing through challenge campaign going back and forth through history. Mammoths included. Where can i play mario rpg? Experience nostalgia: Dive into library of SNES games online.

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No copyright infringement intended. Microcivilization copyright is owned by their respective owners which includes but is not limited to Ondrej Homola. I did not make the game (or assets) and do not claim to. I do claim recording the gameplay and associated commentary.

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“Doo Dat Wah”
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  1. Please play HOI4 Equestria at War again

  2. Pravus has never played a clicker before cus they all do the Same thing with the Acension, why do do you think people like playing them for?

  3. The Open Beta just ended, were you able to join?

  4. Watching the first 4 minutes of this convinced me I’m not interested. Too much mindless clicking to get to whatever it is he found interesting about this.

  5. what i get from this video that its "unique" by combining standard rogue like game elements with standard clicker game mechanics.
    so all it takes is for you to discover theat there is more to the genre then the surface level you did look at so far.
    Im not saying the game isnt actually somewhat interesting looking but its also not as unique as described early on.
    something something about not spending enough time looking in to something and defining the whole genre about the surface level elements everyone knows about and then beign surprised that there is actually more to it then that.

  6. Click heat isn't there to stop you from trying to brute force something, it's there to prevent autoclickers.

  7. i hope he takes a look at cell to singularity, a unique and polished clicker ngl

  8. A link to the game site would be in order. Not just your social media.

  9. What do you even mean by clickers? I haven't heard of any clicking game that wasn't also an idle game.

    This game doesn't seem to be an idle game, but specifically just a heavy-click game, almost like an RTS uses clicks.

    Is this also a paid game? I think I've never heard of a paid-only idle game, but since this isn't an idle game it seems justified to be paid (if it is)

  10. Kitchen playset for the kids? GoCartopia at all times delivers, and guess what – deliverys on them!

  11. 12:23 … well, most places have military fire fighters so… plausible

  12. Unreal to see a good clicker. It's like a good visual novel or a shootemup. The genre inherently just sucks, so to see that a great game emerged from that genre is so so rare.

  13. If only it was on mobile. Don’t feel like playing a clicker on pc

  14. So did this actually have anything different to other known clicker games? Because after the first 10 minutes I don't see anything really that different, just nice decorations. And while clicker games can be fun, I always end up getting addicted and exhausted by them, which is not that fun.

  15. aint no way you said an ascension mechanic is unique for a clicker game

  16. This looks cool. It found a solution to go against just using an autoclicker that clicks 50 times a second with the click heat and its not just
    "click 10 times, buy upgrade 1, wait, buy upgrade 2" and so on

  17. Best video I've seen on Microcivilization. So glad you got the Towel of Babel. 😉

  18. Sounds like you havnt played much good clicker/idle games. There is a ton out there that are very similar in mechanics as this game. This just has different art, style, theme, but is basically the same thing. They are a lot of fun. And no I’m not talking about cookie clicker.

  19. 121k Views is rly good. That's amazing

  20. Very cool game, did the demo and the playtest. Can't wait for release or early access.

  21. Huh, this feels a little like simplified but prettified Kittens Game – without the cats, obviously. And it's funny to see Pravus surprised by things that all good games in the genre do ^_^

  22. interesting truth be told I'm not a fan of clicker games but this one seems a little more like something I may like since you can fail.

  23. Nice game! I beat Tower level 20 on my second try, and then I got tired of playing.
    It's easy when you have heroes that can stun the events; 5 seconds of stun does the job.
    I'm not a fan of this kind of game, but this one requires more than just clicking and is fun to play.

    Population doesn't help with anything, but you need to let a lot die so you can buy the damage trait.
    You receive 1 point every 5 levels of the Tower.
    I don't think traits are that useful; on my second run, I already reached that far in the Tower, and I only had 3 traits.

  24. Try out melvor idle, not a clicker but a idle only idle/clicker ive ever stuck with you dont ever reset your skills to get higher numbers you are always working towards something

  25. The republic ability can stop crisis. Very useful for doing risky researches

  26. This is actually a really interesting sub-genre of clicker games. Taking notes!

  27. how does the population increase with only 1 man?

  28. If you'd like to try complicated clicker games, you should definitely play Orb of Creation. It's more of an incremental puzzle game.

  29. The ethos of what I would call incremental games (rather than clicker games, which is misleading) has apparently shifted greatly since you last looked into them properly.
    There is a great deal of disdain in the community for games that require a lot of clicking. These have rather fallen out of fashion, and are generally considered to be of poor quality, with a few exceptions (cookie clicker still remaining reasonably popular, though I suspect mostly out of nostalgia).
    Games now are expected to provide interesting mechanics to interact with, the majority of clicks being spent in menus engaging with these mechanics. Many games have no on-click production at all. And the ones that do typically don't require you to click for production beyond the first few minutes of play.
    The gold standard I would say is something like antimatter dimensions, or for an entirely different type of game Increlution.
    And I'm a fan of Progress Knight personally. None of these games have click production at all.

  30. Almost every idle game has planning, strategy, and an ascension mechanic. I don't know what kinda clickers you've been playing. I would highly recommend the prestige tree

  31. Clickers have been way more than just "playing the game so you don't have to play the game" pretty much since their inception for the vast majority of the good ones. The ascension mechanic is basically a staple of this genre, I'm glad you dropped your biases to try one out but it's clear you know very little about clicker games.

  32. indeed a very interesting idea for a clickier game
    glad i happen to see your video, was fun to watch

  33. Watched 5 seconds in the middle, and I'm sold already
    Downloading the demo already

  34. Do you lose everything if you exit? I may have been playing for 4h straight after seing just 2 minutes of the video ..

  35. "play the game to not have to play the game… kinda dumb" hahaha love it

  36. To be clear while your confuses is alright you are absoulute wrong about the acestion thing it is both a staple of clickers and more importanly it is NOT a trait of rouge likes, while it may be present in some those are by far the exception and it is a trait that disitances itself from rougelikes as a whole as makes futrue runs easier which is overall not a thing in rougelikes

  37. for me, clicker games are a recipe for an autoclicker

  38. I love this game. They solved the clicker problem in my mind by adding the ability to hold a key to click for you at a solid rate. I believe it is a for food, b for material.

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