the cutest clicker game ever (light a way) | doge plays random games -

the cutest clicker game ever (light a way) | doge plays random games

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This video consists of 1/3 me complaining about the sun, 1/3 me talking about my plans for this summer, 1/6 me talking about how cute this game is, and only 1/6 is actual explanation of the gameplay. So you know, your normal super-productive MasterDoge987 video. Welcome to what happens when the sun decides to commit the trollage.
I’ll probably make another episode of this Random Game series for my next upload. Hopefully when I get more than 5 hours of sleep the previous night.
That’s honestly all I have to say about this video. I suppose it’s just easier to talk about games when it’s a Geometry Dash video because I have so much to say about the levels.
Yeah, I’m gonna stop here.
Have a Dogey Day!


  1. this video took 43 MINUTES to upload, my god (for reference, 43 minutes is roughly the length of 1.43 lukethenotable videos)also as further proof of how tired i was yesterday, i repeatedly called it light it up instead of its correct name (light a way) maybe i shouldn’t make videos when i get 5 hours of sleep

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