The Cookie Clicker Experience -

The Cookie Clicker Experience

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Mental Health Hotline: none are prepared for cookie addicts
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  1. The actual most powerful golden cookie combo is
    1.Frenzy = x7
    2.Clicker Frenzy = x777
    3.Dragon Flight = x1111
    4.Elder Frenzy = x666

  2. Best line ever 25:34 “Cookie Clicker Is Dead And I Killed it” 😂😂👏

  3. There is a way to delete the cheated cookies taste awful, change your name to _ saysopensesame, and then go to debug in stats, you can get a debug that makes it so you can remove and add upgrades/achievements

  4. Dragoon isn't just insane. Dragoons spans over insanity, on multiple multi verses on multiple idle verses over multiple timelines over multiple overseers dreams

  5. Man I thought cookie clicker was just clicking not fucking LORE and REBIRTH SYSTEMS and shit Jesus CHRIST-

  6. Wtf am I watching at 1am and why was it recommended ik I'm fat but not this bad

  7. If someone didn't get. It's FINE!

  8. Wait wait, did I just spend thirty minutes watching a video of a cookie maker game without even realizing it… ?

  9. First video i have seen from you, and man, i am going to watch them all now😂

  10. Well, if you replace clicking cookie with clicking monster to explode you get basically any modern ARPG – like Diablo 3 or Path of Exile with exponential scaling of eveything and billions of damage.

  11. Dragoonsaysopensesame let’s you become a dev trust me

  12. He passed me I gotta get back on the cookie clicker

  13. Absolute banger video!!!!!!! 😎🫵🙌👍🏿

  14. Day two of asking Dragoon to play antimatter dimensions. Hope YouTube doesn't autodelete for spam because I'm commenting on the same video

  15. MAKE YOUR username dragoon saidsopensesame

  16. I was drifting to sleep to this yesterday and that was one kind of experience

  17. The video has some playback issues, as in it freezes and never loads

  18. the british version of this game would be 'biscuit tapper'

  19. whats bad is that i had btd6 playing while watching this

  20. like technoblade's potato war, this shall be your magnum opus. it will be how you are remembered, and I doubt you would be upset.

  21. Dragoon about to dragon deez cookie up yo mouth

  22. i had to use autoclicker to get uncanny clicker achievement.

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