The BEST Swiping UPGRADE Game EVER?! (Tiny Worlds) -

The BEST Swiping UPGRADE Game EVER?! (Tiny Worlds)

Ryan Phillips
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The BEST Swiping UPGRADE Game EVER?!

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Today we’re upgrading our finger so we can become a master at Tiny World! Tiny Worlds is an amazing upgrade idle game where you slowly upgrade your way through different tiny worlds and dragons. If you want to see more idle clicker games let me know down below!


  1. I have every pt in this game and there all high levels and I made it to level 500 in two days from starting the game no purchases

  2. I love this channel it’s soooo good for helping me find cool games. Keep it up sweaty twety

  3. Thank you for your video, we're glad you liked our game 😊

  4. Is anyone like dude the numbers are you damage not you coins

  5. so? what platform is this game i dont see it on pc yet he has a cursor?

  6. I was already playing this, its a good game 👍

  7. How do I play this and the Prather games on computer

  8. How come to get more pet slots Ryan’s cost 250 and mine cost 500

  9. Dis cool im definitely getting this game. Also question are these games you play on bluestacks?

  10. 2% Crit chance… So if that was out of a 100 which alot of times its based on the 100 even if you can level it up past 100 it would be a 1 out 100 so 2 meaning that has a 1 out of 50 because 2 out of 100 divided over itself is 50/1 so 1/50 and then 2/100 divided by 2 would be 1/50 if that made any sense what so ever.

  11. The power is the reason why you are getting a increase in coins

  12. I hate this game this game is so lackey and it's game so lucky

  13. Randomly found this game while installing pickcrafter

  14. tbh if you think about it the world boss’s it’s just a coin farm

  15. Lol I just downloaded this game on my iPad

  16. When you reach the shield thingy let it regenerat so you get more coins

  17. Why is that island called peaceful forest it’s basically getting destroyed it’s destruction

  18. i love you vids how do i downlod this game?

  19. Bruh I got a gold dragon an epic specie

  20. you are noob i am 99999999999999999999999x stronger

  21. "we have to destroy worlds to get money,that hit too close to home" yeah tewity where did that home come from! XD

  22. You Are Weak In Tiny Worlds, I HAVE THE BEST DRAGON PET IN TINY WORLDS ALSO KNOWN AS LIESMA, THE INCANDESCENT,, also im sorry, ryan but i just wanted to tell you this cause it is a fact, im sorry if you thought it was a hate comment or maybe offensive, no offense, but it is true, btw the game is actually better on mobile devices, also the drakes are unlocked at tier 50 (the blobs are unlocked at either tier 100 or tier 150

  23. Me on my iPad: grab apple pen ITS RAPING TIME

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