The Best Clicker Game You'll Ever Play -

The Best Clicker Game You’ll Ever Play

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Realm grinder is my favorite idle clicker game, and I’d love to tell you abit about it. In my opinion it’s the best clicker game you’ll ever play. It’s incredibly in depth and makes my dopamine levels go brrrrrrr. Check it out with me today!

Realm grinder is a free to play idle clicker game playable on steam, iOS, and android.

Realm grinder

Realm Grinder Wiki

They are coming – Hampus Naeselius
Llama drama – Jobii
luv – bomull
chazzed – justnormal

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Gameplay (1:28)
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slight clarification on me talking about cheating, I did spend money on this game, getting a couple packages before I realized i wanted to timeskip a lot without spending $200, so i used saveedit. if that’s not okay with you then sorry i guess

the save editor is also not called lara crypt, that’s my fault. as was pointed out in the comments, the save editor is just called save editor, and can be found with a simple google. lara crypt is the artifact tool which is located on the same page as the save editor, and i always used the lara crypt link to navigate to it, hence my confusion. thanks for understanding!


  1. realm grinder is honestly boring though tbh

  2. I feel like I could have made this exact video word for word. Totally agree with everything. Nicely done.

  3. Too bad you didn't show any of the more interesting stuff, like merc or research.

    Btw, lara crypt is the artifact helper, not the save editor. ^^

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