THE BEST CLICKER GAME! - Plantera Funny Moments -

THE BEST CLICKER GAME! – Plantera Funny Moments

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Big thanks to the developers VaragtP for giving me a key to this game! But don’t get me wrong, that didn’t influence my opinion of the game. Maybe they just knew my love for clicker games! 😀

You can pick up the game yourself here:

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  1. I'm currently at 186 star level.22x coin multiplier.And…a lot of planted things.Like, a lot.

  2. i got the same

    i have Doomsday Clicker tap it Big coinbox Clicker Poor to Rich…

  3. same I have data problem of clicker games

  4. I have a clicker game problem as well even if it is watching it so don't worry about it

  5. every time i se a clicker game i say i want it but then i quit the game

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