Tap Tap Gun Gameplay: #1 - NEW CLICKER GAME! - (Android, iOS Walkthrough) - GPV247 - androidgamestore.net

Tap Tap Gun Gameplay: #1 – NEW CLICKER GAME! – (Android, iOS Walkthrough) – GPV247

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Tap Tap Gun Gameplay: #1 – NEW CLICKER GAME! – (Tap Tap Gun Walkthrough for Android and iOS)
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This is my Tap Tap Gun Gameplay series for the Android and iOS. I plan to do a full Tap Tap Gun Walkthrough with live commentary. The idea of Tap Tap Gun is to tap the screen as much as possible to deal damage to the enemy. I will try to perform an on the fly Tap Tap Gun review. This is a very fun clicker game. Especially when it comes to the android market of gaming Tap Tap Gun is a breathe of fresh air.


  1. Play more pls! I have unlocked exploration

  2. I really have 1 billion dollars in the game tap tap gun and you have 31 thousand

  3. If u click 1 time then 3 times fast you get 1000 coins a second for a minute

    Jk if it was real tho

  4. PLEASE play more i have already beaten the game and im looking for lets plays please play more

  5. Il give u two tips:1 upgrade summondrone u get a duo upgrade again trio second tip: u can activate all power ups at the same time done

  6. Tap tap gun is my favourite game and thank you for brining it up becuase your the best youtuber ever

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