Tap Adventure: Time Travel Gameplay Pt 1 - "New Clicker Game 2017!" - PC Walkthrough 60fps - GPV247 - androidgamestore.net

Tap Adventure: Time Travel Gameplay Pt 1 – “New Clicker Game 2017!” – PC Walkthrough 60fps – GPV247

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Tap Adventure: Time Travel Gameplay Pt 1 – “New Clicker Game 2017!” – Tap Adventure: Time Travel Walkthrough Strategy for PC 60fps in 1080p. Tap Adventure: Time Travel Is a new clicker game in 2017!

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In this Tap Adventure: Time Travel Walkthrough series you shall be seeing the journey of Gameplayvids247’s progression in this game. This is a Tap Adventure: Time Travel guide for the PC/Steam version of the game. You will be seeing all Tap Adventure: Time Travel monsters and loot drops and my on the fly review of the game.

Tap Adventure: Time Travel is an RPG clicker game in authentic Patch World. A team of heroes starts their journey through thick forests, spooky swamps, dense jungle, gold mines, timeless glaciers, and lifeless wasteland.

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  1. Thanks for watching everyone! Do you guys want to see more of this game?

  2. Should probably fix up that Description box as it's pointing to Clicker Guild.

    and I'm honestly surprised they brought this game over to steam as last I heard the game was pretty much dead (as there hasn't been an update since August of last year) (and by the looks of things the steam version is at pretty much the same version as the august update)

  3. Every idle or clicker game you play i play alongside you, like this if you do the same

  4. i have the game i was playing it today for 7hours

  5. Disliked.

    Why don't you do everyone watching a favor on your future video's and remove your face from the video. I'm sure you have a very high opinion of how you look, but why are you shoving it down our throats (so to speak)? It's extremely inconsiderate of your viewers, and I for one find it very distracting and unnecessary.

    Thank you kindly.

  6. Just fyi, a "Walkthrough" is a guide. "Let's Play" is generally used when doing a series on a game that you have not completed before.

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