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Sword King | Clicker Game | How far can you go?

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In this video I am playing another one of my oldies-but-goodies favorite clicking games on my iPhone. This game is all about trying to craft the best possible sword, and it is both addicting and frustrating to play…. Somehow I like it anyway;)


  1. Link for this game please!!!!!

  2. Like go look at my new video! Please it's for you

  3. Do u have any betting games like case clicker

  4. 16 still haven't tried to upgrade yet to scared

  5. The Knights Of Dawn Roblox, Minecraft, And Moar! says:

    my highest level was 19 then it broke

  6. My highest is 14, EVEN WITH SCROLLS I CANT GET LEVEL 15!!!! and that's why i can never defeat mesanth.

  7. They removed the game from play store

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