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IMPORTANT: If you are on iPhone 8 or below/iPad/iPod, you must triple click the home button to activate/deactivate Switch Control. If you are on iPhone 10 or above, you must triple click the power button to activate/deactivate Switch Control.

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  1. What does he mean by triple click the Home Screen? Help me

  2. Everytime I triple click it will do that and it won’t stop

  3. He is a cap for the iPhone 10 or above if u triple click power bouton it Will turn off lmfao

  4. I did triple click and didn’t work plsss help

  5. Bro this doesn’t work what do you mean triple click the power button

  6. Nah this doesnt work my settings doest have that its a ipad

  7. whenever i do this it turns off my phone

  8. help when I triple click the power button it will activate but it says important and there is ok or cancer I can't click anything even on ok or cancel the clicker works tho but I can't see

  9. How do we do the seitch thing I don’t have it on my I pad

  10. I'm triple clicking the home screen and it's not working

  11. I’m on IOS iPad but when I try it just freezes

  12. It works for every game for me
    Thank you so much it works

  13. Triple clicked it just turned off my phone i did it as fast as possible as fast as he did it and it didnt work

  14. I triple tapped the home screen it did not work how do I make it appear

  15. That is absolutely not an auto clicker you still have to tap which makes it not an auto clicker, I am disappointed

  16. When I click the button power button 1time the phone closes

  17. When I try it it’s just says switch control will take over your phone and I can’t even click cancel or okay

  18. Am I the onest that how some trouble with how it works I do perfectly what I have to do and I spam it but it doesn’t work I’m trying to fix this for 3 hours

  19. i have an iphone se and idk what to press for it to pop up because its just gonna turn off my phone or do something else

  20. It won’t let me press ok when it says it’s gonna change things on my iPhone does that happen for anyone else?

  21. I’m never pressing any of those things ever again

  22. Im on ipad and i click home three time and im out of game

  23. wait how do I do this I have a iOS without home button

  24. I tried this and it won’t let me it says triple click to cancel and confirm I tried to press confirm but it didn’t do anything

  25. Bruh I didn’t even give me the option to assign a switch

  26. When i turn on the autoclicker i cant get rid of the notification where it says cancel or ok

  27. Thanks it’s not like I have to come every 5 minutes to fucking tap on the fcking screen 🙂


  29. whenever i try i to get an auto clicker i always get bad results 🙁

  30. Triple tapping the power button for iPhone does not work LOL

  31. what if your on ipad air and dont have home thing botton?

  32. it does not work at all…. it scans thw screen and i have to scan it 3 times jst for it to click 1 time…

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