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Speedrunning with 1000 AUTO CLICKERS To Exploit The Game – MMOs are Perfectly Balanced

The Spiffing Brit
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MMOs like WOW are classic types of video games that have existed for years and yet hardly anyone has tried to speedrun them! Now there are many people who try and speedrun say cookie clicker by achieving 1,000,000 cookies in less than 7 mins. The only issue is speedrunning an MMO would take hours so we need the biggest speed running skip of all time! so instead of playing the game I decided to create a setup that uses over 1000 auto clickers to exploit the game and play it entirely by itself. No longer do I the spiffing brit have to hand in and do quests in the MMO Rift! No I can let an auto clicker and lag switch turn the game into a level up clicker idle tycoon game where I just watch the button get pressed and speed run the levels with an insane infinite xp exploit. Now cookie clicker is a fantastic tycoon flash game and Rift is a standard RPG MMO and today we are swapping them entirely around. So today we will be Speed running MMOs with 1000 AUTO CLICKERS To Exploit The Game and use this cookie clicker strategy to attempt a different kind of video game exploit speedrun!

What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.

So sit back relax and enjoy this auto clicker Hack! How on earth can one english bugger beat this idle game with an AI macro setup!! All will be revealed in this mmo gameplay montage where in this we unleash the greatest Strategy! Who knows maybe this game is broken

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Title: Speedrunning with 1000 AUTO CLICKERS To Exploit The Game – MMOs are Perfectly Balanced


  1. Idk if its possible but if anyone can do it you can. I want to see if you can exploit wizard101 I used to play that game like no other and would love to see you try

  2. I actually played rift back when it was active before it became "free to play". Back then there was a pay shop still but it was mostly for dumb stuff and being able to get more professions. I played a bard and believe it or not they were super over powered because they had massive burst damage, decent sustain, and impressive healing while also buffing others in the group and being able to use a pet that had decent damage and crowd control capabilities

  3. Plot twist, the exploit takes longer than actually playing the game and hit level 70 the legit way, which only takes about 4 hours.

  4. Hahaha 'The world is rendering before my eyes'

  5. 3:47 Someone was taking notes from Spiff's MMO Tycoon video. Just look at that gorgeous, stubby map design.

  6. Youtube be like: This is totally cookie clicker

  7. What is this game?
    Dead shitty version of WoW? 😂

  8. the wow rerelease has some really interesting speedruns. both in dungeon clear times as we as level up times

  9. This is hilarious to me because I actually played this game when it first came out and I grinded to 51 and got max PVP gear

  10. I played Rift 8 years ago or so when the game was relatively alive and the Pay to win hadn't completely taken over at that point, it was okay.
    was a nice distraction from the back end of a WoW expansion content drought.

  11. You will expend 0.000000000001 seconds to max level a character

  12. So, I remember playing Rift a little bit back in the day but I don't remember it looking like a PS2 game at the best of times. Is this on low render settings or is this just what Rift looked like?

  13. I paused at 0:45 to think about your question.
    Hmm … knowing you, maybe 45 minutes? An hour, tops.

  14. We need Eileen Dover to meet Wenga Duit I think 🙂

  15. I bet the devs for literally everything love Spiff he finds exploits and glitches and makes it easy for them to fix them.

  16. Why play on lowest graphics settings while also complaining about the graphics being low? x)

  17. B = bytes
    b = bits
    7:45 (it's Kilo Bytes – not Kilo bits)
    yes I am fun at parties, invite me and you shall see

  18. Its actually pretty sad that this works, the programmers who made this r in shambles rn

  19. 16 mins video with 4 commercials… Job well done.

  20. Ah Rift… What a gorgeous game it was when it got released. I switched to it from WoW almost immediately and had the most excited MMO experience ever… Too bad it was pretty empty at the endgame those years… Attempt to return to it nowadays just shows what a grindy P2W mess it's become

  21. What other MMO games can you use this exploit?

  22. I am here just because I remembered this video had a program that is basically a lag-switch and I totally could use a program like that thanks random British man

  23. Should play roblox. There’s lots of clicker games where you can do this.

  24. Thanks for allowing others to destroy our entire economy you duck.

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