SLASH MOBS! | Epic Adventure Mobile Clicker Game! -

SLASH MOBS! | Epic Adventure Mobile Clicker Game!

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Slash Mobs is an extremely well designed clicker game! Check it out and thank you to doublejump for sponsoring me with this epic game!
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Slash Mobs is mutant monsters are taking over the world! You’re tasked with leading a team of heroes to help to return peace to the world. Travel to exotic locations, battle through tough dungeons, summon new heroes, collect shards, and unlock new skills.

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  1. hey nick the game maker was double of the members is a popular youtuber (ssundee)

  2. I have level 12 Tunkhannock da king. I can tell you it is very good.

  3. does he know that Ssundee had made this game together with Double jump game?

  4. I am over 3times on every thing in damage and I am on lv. 250

  5. nope not werk 011011010111010110100 you get it c:

  6. I have the same squirtle that you see in the background

  7. credits to SSundee because he's one of the owner of the game so yeah

  8. I converted the binary and it means "music"

  9. Guys I downloaded this game before, had the full version, uninstalled it cause i got bored of it, started playing it again, and I dont have the benefits (idle gold, flying chests etc.) My heroes dont die on minibosses How Do I update my app?

  10. 0110110101110101011100110110100101100011 (top link) its a really weird video

  11. if you put all the zeros and ones in a binary translator it is music.

  12. 010010010010011101101101001000000110100101101110001000000111010001101000011001010010000001101001011011000110110001110101011011010110100101101110011000010111010001101001

  13. ssundee made this

    edit: ssundee helped make rhis

  14. You are a inposter you are playing a game made by ssundee the youtuber

  15. i know im late but that binary translates to music lol idk what that is supposed to resemble

  16. pretty good game! I really like it, i played it when i saw it on youtube.

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