Shark Evolution - Clicker Game for iPhone and Android -

Shark Evolution – Clicker Game for iPhone and Android

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Feared by many, a force of nature, the obsession of way too many screenwriters in Hollywood… That’s right, you got it: SHARKS! Sharks are the lions of the sea – they’re regal, astute and, above all, carnivores.

It might be those big bulging eyes or the lack of a silky mane, but they’re actually waaaay scarier than their terrestrial counterparts. This is why we decided that YES, the world needs a sharklicious version of the Evolution saga (maybe we just want to see the world BURN)! It’s a new wave of entertainment!

Why settle for an ordinary shark? Sharks are scary by nature but with a little help of Shark Evolution they can get EXTRA scary and you can create and develop many fishy shark species, just combine them to see them evolve! Have a sea of fun mixing, matching and combining these villains of the water world!

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  1. make gaster blaster evolutio… wait, im playing so much undertale

  2. this game looks fun, but cow evolution is the best

  3. Make a leopard or snow leopard evolution there're my favorite animals

  4. thx so much! plz do more ocean animal evolution or more evolution in general! Whale evolution??

  5. Eagle or Fish or bird or JOHN CENA dun dun dun dun DUUUUUUN dun duN DUN DUN DUUUUUN

  6. I never got a sun after recreating, now at a point where I can recreate again, help!

  7. Fantasy evolution plz.
    Such as elf and dragon.

    Bird evolution have a glitch on owlpedia some page freeze.

  8. one of the easiest ways to have fun in this game is with more diamonds ofc
    I got also millions of coins easy, already did this 4 times
    didn't got banned; do it while it lasts, from
    ㊜㊝㊞㊟㊠㊡㊢ ㊣㊤㊥㊦㊧㊨㊩㊜㊝㊞㊟㊠㊡㊢ ㊣㊤㊥㊦㊧㊨㊩

  9. im planning on buying all the evolution games

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