Scratch Cookie Clicker Tutorial -

Scratch Cookie Clicker Tutorial

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In this Scratch tutorial, I show how to code a cookie clicker type game in Scratch!

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  1. i looked everywhere for shine whe da bleep is it?

  2. I gotta leave a dislike:( I just don’t know how to do the shine and the over costumes in the beginning:(

  3. clickbait dosent work i did evreything ya said ur just clickbaiting for veiws idiot


  5. can you show us how to make it so that it is the number of clicks that one user clicked but then when its another user it is a different number of clicks?

  6. This is good, but one problem, when I tried to get 50 or 100 points, the shop won't give me upgrades, can you help?

  7. Yeah. It's much better than McVincient's clicker. He uses someone else's code in his video. Plus, he stretches the creation of the clicker over several videos. But in this video, everything is short, understandable and clear. Good job.

  8. I got a little stuck on the clone part of shop, can anyone help

  9. umm the cokkies per scecend when i did it didint work

  10. ive gotten to 3:53 and when i press the green flag it goes massive and wont go back down. Ive done everyhting right

  11. The colors don't change! Anyone know how to fix it?


  13. Thanks for making this video 🙂 I need to make a game on scratch before Wednesday, and this was very helpful😊

  14. ShiftClickLearn: "I'll Scale The Cookie Up Slightly"
    Also ShiftClickLearn: *Continues To Scale Up The Cookie 3.5x Its Original Size*

  15. You could show people how to make the sprites, to help with making their projjects the best they can be!

  16. It would be better if its
    When green flag clicked
    Turn 15 degrees

    In cookie

  17. i cant figure out how to make it so that when i buy it doesnt go into negative

  18. Hey ShiftClickLearn thank you so much for this tutorial! It really taught me a lot, but I have a little problem. For both of the shop icons when you hover over them the other icon was glitching and moved to the right. I added an "wait 1 second block" after the "switch costume to join cloneID and hover". It fixed the glitching but the second icon still shows up a little bit to the right when you hove on it. Is there a way I could fix this?

  19. i have a problem with the clones when i click the sprite the clone spawns any where but the sprite is there a way i could fix this

  20. when i click on the oreo the particle comes up but when i click again before it has disapeared it goes up and the same way as the other one

  21. Thanks, ima make a game called: Kitty Clicker now.
    Can i get pinned?

  22. buddy i dont know how to make the designs

  23. this was great but the second upgrade was not showing the price or CPC so if anyone knows what to do pls reply

  24. Am I the only one who’s particles fly to the top😂

  25. game does not work i quit 😡

  26. I’m so sad I followed all the steps but my upgrades won’t work :’(

  27. How u make the sprites???????????????????

  28. This is the best cookieClicker in scratch video i saw

  29. im sure i will need this to a group project

  30. people that were lazy so they just used the original project but changed it a bit

  31. hiii hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  32. It keeps giving me 2cpc every time I press it but it’s at one

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