Scratch Clicker Game | SCL Community #4 -

Scratch Clicker Game | SCL Community #4

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In this episode of ShiftClickLearn’s Community, I play a cool Scratch clicker game called “Mining Clicker”

The artwork in the thumbnail is from the game, “Mining Clicker” by C4Mac.

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🎮 Play Mining Clicker:

▶ Scratch Profile Page:

▶ ShiftClickLearn Community:

▶ Scrolling Platformer (Night Ninja):

▶ Cat Clicker tutorial:

▶ Crossy Road tutorial:

▶ Tower Defense tutorial:

▶ Fish Game tutorial:

▶ Scrolling Platformer tutorial:

▶ Combat Based Platformer tutorial:

▶ Space Shooter game tutorial:

▶ How-to tutorials:

😸 Get Scratch Addons:

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