Scratch | Cat Clicker Game Tutorial (Ep5) -

Scratch | Cat Clicker Game Tutorial (Ep5)

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In this Scratch tutorial, I code the first accessory into my Cat Clicker game!

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  1. For More Subs, You Can Not Only Share Assents Of This, But Share Assents Of All Your Tutorials 🙂

  2. 0:14
    Cat : Bow To Me Humans
    Humans : Your Just A Cat
    Cat : King Cat*
    Humans : Who Knows Are You A QUEEN or KING
    Humans : Lol
    Cat : Can't You Just Bow Me!??!!?
    Humans : No Thanks
    Cat : You Humans Are Soo Erecting

  3. welp. that doesnt work it just ruined my game permanently


  5. I smashed the like button with a hammer, but it didn't turn on so I plopped it into a black hole; it was nice to watch.

  6. Dam ur video editing is so much better than mine…it's soooo good! What video editor do u use?

  7. Oh hello your video has now a stack of likes

  8. If I hadn't seen these videos and someone told me this was made in Scratch I wouldn't believe them.

  9. rename the Cats per click (CPS) to Cats per click (CPC)

  10. Could you make your move slower? This is like my 7th attempt and I still have mistakes.


  12. the scrolling in the shop dont work. When I open the shop, the upgrades just fall down to the bottom of the screen pls give me a solution to this problem

  13. this tutorial is great, and now i can convince my friends that science can be fun because im basing my game off of super duper nerdy geeky science stuff >:D

  14. can you pls tell me why the cost sprite is not scrolling with the upgrades

  15. I keep on buying my second upgrade, but the third upgrade won't unlock. Also, I put in the create clones to create 6 clones but the clone ID is 7?
    Please give me solutions to these problems

  16. My upgrade just sticks out of the bottom of the shop when the shop is closed. Please help me

  17. my accessory is flickering on the top of my watermelon click sprite

  18. tip, enable on scratch addons the option to switch variable to all sprites or this sprite only

  19. why does the crown spawn directly on top of the cats face and no on top of it?
    edit: nvm i fixed it by moving the crown costume further up like u showed in 0:58

  20. i need a little help

    when i change the shop y variable my clone id = 2 or 3 (aka the shop background and the shop button) they move down a little bit which means the shop background is slightly visible even if shopOpen = n

    how do i fix this?

  21. just finished! i love how everything is working and cant wait to finish other episodes!

    thank you (=‐ω‐=)

  22. Auto petter looks like a cat being sliced with a Scythe NGL xD

  23. if you had scratch addons, click on the variable on the left side and press "Rename and edit" and change it to for this sprite only

  24. 7:53 mine shows only three upgrade when scrolled, how do i fix it?

  25. Hey, I’m in a state of confusion. Can you help out? My project is in the comments

  26. Hey I forgot to link my project, here it is, I’m confused 🙂

  27. Can you see whats wrong with my accessory?
    it keeps multiplying for some reason
    My username is DrOtto1234567890
    and my project is called Cash Clicker!

  28. when you said art i thought you said bart🙃🙃🙃🙃

  29. when i scrolled down it goes up and when i scrolled up it goes down. How to fix?

  30. Hello, I am having a problem with the crown, and it is that it does not go above, but rather in the middle of the character, could you help me?

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