Scratch | Cat Clicker Game Tutorial (Ep4) -

Scratch | Cat Clicker Game Tutorial (Ep4)

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In this Scratch tutorial, I code the golden cats along with the second upgrade into my cat clicker game!

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  1. @shiftclicklearn ur cool
    Also I subed to you

  2. Shift click learn won’t reply on this comment

  3. Could you create a fighting game with AI and everything

  4. Just to let u know you’re saying run screen without refresh when it’s actually run without screen refresh

  5. LOL, why are u so funny???

    I am laughing so hard XD

    I am dying.

  6. ;-; why is this so complicated not everybody is a good codeer as u r

  7. Bruhhhhh Your Smarter Than Me Yeeeeeeeeeeeet

  8. Just saying, I’ve noticed this for a few episodes now. The reason the shop isn’t working positioning-wise is because the size is constantly changing at the bottom of the mainCloneLoop. Move the “change size by 100 – size / 3” block to just above the “cloneID = 4” operator, but still inside the “else” of the “cloneID = 4” operator; set all offsets back to original positions 👍🏻.

  9. What should I do! Everytime the gold cat appears the whole game start lagging.😶

  10. you messed up a bit, you named the CatsPerClick variable with (CPS) not (CPC)
    so its cats per slick..?

  11. Guys If i upgrade the value doesn't Get less it gets more..

  12. before 6:40, I did the same thing with the thinking to make it look better!

  13. Whenever I put the "unlockNextTier" block and the list in the "handUnlocking" block, the whole project just lags a whole lot. How can I fix it?


  15. the scoreBG doesnt show anymore and also there is another shopButton in the middle that is stuck there not working and also when you open the shop the shopBG doesnt show anymore Edit:Nvm i just added a switch costume thing inside the scripts for the id's

  16. man ive checked so many times for errors, but both my upgrades are locked and i dont know why. Ive done everything you said in the video if you could help me that would mean alot

  17. he said to punch the sub button and i broke the laptop 🙁

  18. When I click the cat it dose not show the plus 1 Or anything

  19. since i finished episode 2 i got a winstreak at not failing the episodes. thx a lot! P.S. people, save backups of each episode to your computer

  20. @ShiftClickLearn do you own a cat?

  21. For some reason, after I bought Lazy meows, and clicked, the +1 things just goes up more than usual, how do I fix it?

  22. my lazy meows is for some reason always locked, and when I buy it when its locked I go to negative numbers

  23. How they I fix the cats per sec it looks weird it’s like 0. 4

  24. When I Begin The Game My Lazy Meows Is Always Locked How Do I Fix It

  25. I Punched The Subscribe Button And It Did Nothing

  26. Easier way to make this: remix it and do nothing to it

  27. why did my game start making the TPS (tacos per second) the TPC (tacos per click) and the TPC the TPS when I implemented the TPC?

  28. Ya know what
    I would like the link for the CAT SPRITE pls

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