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RPG Maker MV Tutorial – How to Make A Clicker Game With MV – RPGMMV Tutorials

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How’s it going everyone, in this RPG Maker MV tutorial we take a look at a cool trick you can use with combining a few plugins to create an interesting little clicker minigame to your project, or even go all out with it and make a full clicker game using only a few plugins and some clever eventing.

(Use Event Conditions: Variable: ClickerCityGrowth as the page conditions.) Using multiple pages (each page a different Image) is how you give the appearance of the city being upgraded. The whole thing is controlled by a single variable based on it’s number. I hope you find this tutorials helpful and or entertaining. Thanks for watching! 🙂

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  1. You rush to much by the hard stuff Variables. Still dont understand is there a another video where you explain this ?

  2. is it possible to do click to move? not arrow key movement?

  3. How would you create like a simon says type mini game if that is even possible?

  4. hey drifty is it possible to make a point and click game in RPG maker mv, something similar to to the moon bit no arrow key movement?

  5. hey drifty! parallax mapping and it came out pretty nice but when I test play it's super laggy on the parallax map . any suggestions?

    Aren't there enough worthless clicking games on the market?

  7. Do you have a tutorial on how to use more than the maximum 20 pages per event? You mentioned it can be done.

  8. And is it possible to make it with autoclicks? I mean on idle, like after purchasing a building u have workers to earn your gold?
    Maybe with a plugin which handles time system?
    I just have no idea how, especially when you leave the map as a player (like the clicker as a built in minigame you go for every now and then, but it will idle earn you money (or points or w/e)

  9. Is it possible to make clicking gane with vx ace

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