Roll Attempt #23 - Adapting my early game strategies - New Clicker/Strategy/Roguelike(ish) -

Roll Attempt #23 – Adapting my early game strategies – New Clicker/Strategy/Roguelike(ish)

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Roll is a new clicker dice rolling strategy game, where you get to roll your dice 2500 times to see how high a score you can get by the end.

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00:00 Shop Level 1 and 2
04:48 Shop Level 3
15:55 Shop Level 4 (Passives available)
27:10 Committing to more than 5 dice
33:15 Shop Level 5
37:03 Last 600 Rolls
43:37 Ending


  1. I just got to be your 500th subscriber!!

  2. try reroll once before the first shop upgrade allows you to get a die to 20-30 for surprisingly little rolls and keeps shop prices down alittle which helps early

  3. also you should look into the run multiplier Strat with 96,97,98 and prime bonus plus all the other usual bonus, goal is to buff 97 as much as possible with the run multiplier alone it gets a x98 and combining face multiplier gets you a 97x98x99 weighted so its an almost guaranteed roll then as you get more passives it can get ridiculous

  4. Enjoying the game. Thanks for showing it off

  5. sometimes i feel like rerolls actually do add beyond 3, and what the description says is that they just wont activate on a reroll…

  6. I got a e18 yesterday, I put an all 7 die in the middle, one die with a 99x 77777 and one with just 20% 1 quarter . If i got rigged machine earlier this would have been massive

  7. It was an interesting run, I feel a big problem is that none of the dice had any rerolls.

  8. The non standard multiples passive very strong with lottery runs.

  9. You should try using more dice, because the less than 6 dice bonus is nowhere near as good as a lot of dice is. If you can get lots of *lottery dice*, you can win BIG. Whenever you see a special dice purchase in the shop, buy it.

    Also, you really should avoid 99s, as the no 99s bonus is just too good. Go for 98s instead.

    Also, 10s are actually really good, because they benefit from dividsible by 2 bonuses, which can be just as good as prime bonuses, while 10 is twice as much as 5.

    Finally, the overpowered 5s strategy is always the best way to start out the gamme, as once you start getting lots of money from the all 5s strategy, you can easily rack up every passive in the game (which you will want).

    *Try to buy every passive in the game*, becuase that will give you a ridiculous number of shop rerolls, and while you are making money from 5s, you will be able to buy a lot of shop upgrades.

    Once you have every passive in the game, buy a couple of extra special dice (they are worth it!). Also, remember: no 99s, ever.

  10. Multipliers, such as the die quantity multiplier, the single face multiplier, the previous roll multiplier, the adjacency multiplier, and the entire roll multiplier are really really good. You should by them. Also, no weights and no 99s

  11. That was great early game strategy. Definitely learned some things. I would say I didn't agree with the choice to buy die and add a lotto die and lotto adder face. You immediately lost out on your <6 reroll x2 and your 18/x bonuses and adding weights prevents you from being able to get other necessary bonuses. Up till that point I think I'm going to adapt the strategy. I've played around with high quantity die strategies and they just never come close to 5 die strategy. Once you have gotten to the point with 4 die you were at its time to level and hope to get hunter online. If you can't find it I usually just restart the run

  12. 10:19 there's a passive which let's multipliers attached to numeric faces stack with the single-face multiplier, so by default it would only be 99×5, not 99x3x5.

  13. I see a few youtubers that play this game click the pips up the top left to go to the shop. Not sure if you know or not but tab is a hotkey to open and close the shop. Keep up the content as we all learn how to play early mid and late game with you!

  14. I saw a run through that aimed for 97 instead of 99. As 97 is both prime and not 99 it allows you to go for more passives. It's not as easy a start, because it rules out incrementers but it makes your passive hits easier to find earlier.

  15. Started watching these after aliens rock’s play through. Amazing content from a smaller channel. You’ve earned my support.

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