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  1. I see peopl have billions of roebucks it is so much roebucks Roblox is so cooooooooooool.

  2. Bro you got scammed if you bought three of the golden wait do you wanna have got 60,000 but you bought the 1,000,00 and that’s cost 18,000 but if you wanna have bought the Golden one You will probably only have to spend 6000 something you got scammed but in all I love your videos

  3. I saw someone who looked like you was it you

  4. Bro I play this all the time you are so bad at the start of the stairs doing better than me I got like only a couple thousand like 60,000

  5. Hey bro I’m a big fan can you add me on Roblox

  6. Hi,Kev i subscribed and liked your. Video

  7. I've played this before and also my top speed is 50,000

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  9. He can spend robux whenever he like, it’s his money😒

  10. Broooo you are letting Sam beat you cap

  11. Does anyone know when Kev is gonna have a star?

  12. Can you spend more robux it’s so satisfying

  13. That's not verified that's premium😂

  14. Bro I'm so fast I can go to the Space and Anime and candy but no food

  15. You should not cheat using a that is cheating using Roblox stop cheating every single game lake theater no no no chi no cheating

  16. You're just a robot game Barry booty energy bro you should not no a cheater 😡😡😡😡💔💔

  17. Tycoon is just like you using robot stop cheating you can play the games people getting mad at you or for you

  18. Bro you should of buyed 500k wins 2 times you wasted 18k robux could of got 10k profit 😢

  19. What was ur worst school rule my was no bringing balls in the class they probably think I will throw it at someone face

  20. You’re so good

  21. I love this game i have more than one million speed

  22. I play this game like for my whole life I have 1 billion speed

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